The most important thing to success

Self-discipline is the key to success, but many people are not prepared to make their dreams come true.

Article by writer ZongYuan (China).

On the last day of 2020, I got a text from my friend: “My old year goals have been met.”

Seeing this news, I couldn’t believe my eyes because of how tough her goal was: Losing weight successfully; read 50 Chinese books and 10 English books; passed the accounting exam and earned 100,000 yuan (360 million dong) in royalties. She is a mother with two children, having to do a lot of cooking everyday, cleaning the house, picking up her kids, helping them with their homework … and barely having time for themselves. But she has completed a task that ordinary people can hardly do.

I asked why I was able to do this, my friend replied: “Be an example, become a self-disciplined person”.

Stephen Guise, author of “Mini Habits” (Sowing small habits to great success). Image:

Over the past few years, I have discovered that there are more and more “outstanding” women like my friends. My yoga teacher is such a person. She has an elegant temperament, a beautiful figure, and a clever speech When she revealed that she had just graduated from high school, neither of us believed it. According to the story, a few years ago she was still a waitress in a restaurant. A yoga teacher often goes there for dinner. Seeing the well-dressed teacher, she and some of her fellow girlfriends were very jealous and determined to learn yoga.

Initially, the girls made a vow “We must practice and monitor each other”. But this enthusiasm lasted only a week. In the second week, there were sporadic people asking for leave on the grounds of being busy, dating and exchanging. Later, she was the only one among her friends who persisted in practicing. Half a year later, with her slim, sexy body, she won a coach certificate and officially joined the team of the teacher. The salary received at this point is 8 times higher than the income at the restaurant. All due to the hard work and high self-awareness. Some girls do yoga with her at first, get married back home, and still work as a waitress, life hasn’t changed much.

“Discipline has changed lives, just as simple as that. It applies to both men and women,” said the yoga teacher.

There isn’t much difference in talent between everyone. Some grow faster because of their high self-discipline and self-discipline. Writer Luu Chan Van once told a story. His grandmother was thin but very good at farming. Every time the wheat was cut, the production team always placed her in the first row. Chan Van once asked: “How can you cut so fast while being too skinny?”. The grandmother replied, “Actually I’m not fast. She just bent down and kept doing so without getting up and resting. Unlike some people, taking a break once will have a second or a third time. they will be slower “.

Why can’t some people be the first to cut rice? Because they had just lost a few calories, they couldn’t stand the temptation of the barbeque. After just a few days of reading, they left the musty books on the shelves. After only a few days of learning something new, they turn a blind eye to them … At the end of the year, they understand that they are moving further and further from their original goal. “Forget it, I can’t do it anyway”, many people will surrender.

Billionaire Bill Gates started programming when he was a high school teenager, and it was the opportunity to practice that made him so successful.  Photo:

Billionaire Bill Gates started programming when he was a high school teenager, and it was the opportunity to practice that made him so successful. Image:

In life, there will be a myriad of inspired work moments. Many people begin their goals with immense momentum and feel they can change the world. But this attitude only lasted for a few days. When self-discipline is gone, everything returns to where it was from.

Why don’t you stop and think in the first place that you’ve set such a big goal? The disappointment of not being able to complete a task will make many people discouraged. Try to set small goals for yourself first, then work on small goals for each day.

Stephen Guise, author of “Mini Habits” was initially a procrastinator and undisciplined person. What made you change?

A year is about to pass, and due to dissatisfaction with the success of the old year, he lies on the ground and pushes, killing time. Then he decided to challenge himself: Do push-ups every day. This is simple and easy to achieve, so he proactively performs more movements over time. After forming a habit, Stephen Guise set up new tasks for himself. For example write 50 words per day. Sit in front of your computer and write whatever you want. Through cultivating these little habits, he found that he could get more done every day. From 50 to 500, then 1,000 words a day. Little by little, he never interrupted his plans and became an excellent writer.

When it comes to the disciplined man, we often think that this person is having a particularly difficult life: How much earthly happiness he has given up, how much joy of life he is not enjoying. .. In fact, when self-discipline reaches a certain extent, it is effort. When you taste the sweetness of your discipline, you will never lose control of your life. Good habits cultivated by discipline will eventually become worthy rewards.

Renowned Japanese designer Yamamoto Yohji once said: “I have always believed the 10,000 hour rule. I never believed freedom would be for the sluggish. The freedom that I aspire to be a wider life attains. Thanks to hard work. That kind of freedom is precious and valuable. “

In the 2008 book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says 10,000 hours are “magic numbers of greatness”. According to him, to become an expert in any field, one needs 10,000 hours of deliberate practice.

Gladwell offers a few examples, including that of billionaire Bill Gates: He started programming when he was a teenager in high school, and it was that practice that made him so successful. The message that Gladwell wants to convey is that not everyone is born with a genius, but they succeed largely because of their own efforts.

Self-discipline is an option, who wants the person not. But all options will be at your own expense. There is a saying: “Low-level desires can be possessed by passion. High-level desires can only be achieved through self-discipline.” No cake will fall from the sky on its own, and the good things in life come from self-consciousness.

So what do ordinary people have to do to have a remarkable life? Please bend over and do not get up in a hurry, to save energy life.

Vy Trang (According to the sohu)


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