The most famous green buffalo in the martial art story of Kim Dung

Friday, February 19, 2021 00:04 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) The late writer Kim Dung has built an eminent “green buffalo”, the first in medicine, which is Diep Coc Y Tien Ho Thanh Nguu.

Video of Ho Thanh Nguu’s bravery in medicine admired Truong Vo Ky:

The buffalo is often associated with a rustic, simple, even somewhat lumpy image. So in his martial arts story, the late writer Kim Dung has built an eminent “Green Buffalo”, the first in medicine, which is Diep Coc Y Tien – Ho Thanh Nguu.

Ho Thanh Nguu passed all medical knowledge to Truong Vo Ky

Thanh Nguu (meaning “Green Buffalo”) is the character appearing in the work Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky. He was a young man who joined the Ming Church and spent his whole life passionate about medical research. Not only has the talent to cure the diseases that other famous physicians have succumbed to, Thanh Ngu also has a director of detoxification in the world. Since then, people have been honored as Diep Coc Y Tien.

Ho Thanh Nguu is an eminent and wise man with two valuable medical research projects, namely, the Dzogchen and Tý Ngo acupuncture scriptures. Besides, choosing to live in a valley with many fragrant flowers and beautiful butterflies (Ho Diep Coc) is enough to see his romance and elegance.

The most famous

He is considered the first physician in the world in Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky

The medical skill and wisdom of this “Green Buffalo” was made clearer when he first viewed the pulse of Chang Wukong, a Ming Dao disciple who knew right away that he was beaten by Phien’s Attorney and was beaten by the The acupuncture point according to the Vo Dang sect method is between the Rat and Ox hours.

Next, Y Tien took Truong Vo Ky’s pulse, and knew that this young man won the Huyen Minh chivalry, filled with welding gas in his viscera, causing internal injuries to the heart.

Ho Thanh Nguu is the medical teacher for Truong Vo Ky, and at the same time helps Vo Ky to prolong his life until he has the chance to train the Nine-Gods Gong to heal his internal injuries, as well as to push Huyen Minh God. attorney out of meridians. Thanks to studying all the medical books of Ho Thanh Nguu, Vo Ky later became a famous physician.

The most famous

Ho Thanh Nguu couple died tragically at the hands of Kim Hoa Ba Ba

However, Ho Thanh Nguu’s life was a tragedy. Because of the oath not to cure the outside of the sect, he unintentionally pleaded guilty to the owner of Linh Xa Island, Kim Hoa Ba Ba, causing him and his wife, “Unique Fairy” Vuong Can Co, who later died tragically. The talent and tragedy of Ho Thanh Nguu’s life made him the most regretful character in Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky.


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