The most beautiful Miss Tokyo Olympic was solicited, flatly denied a lucrative contract

Wednesday, August 11, 2021 19:15 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news, news on the sidelines of the Tokyo Olympics) Faced with an offer full of money, the beauty of athletics Alica Schmidt frankly made a decision.

In the first time participating in the Olympics, German female athlete Alica Schmidt is a name mentioned by the media and fans a lot. Not talking about talent, public opinion talks about the beauty of the 22-year-old runner. Therefore, despite only playing a reserve role in the German track and field team and not being able to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, Alica Schmidt is still a lot of media attention.

The most beautiful Miss Tokyo Olympic was solicited, flatly denied a lucrative contract - 1

Schmidt turned down a lucrative offer from a men’s magazine. The 22-year-old girl will enter the 4x400m event on July 30

She was called “the sexiest female athlete on the planet”. Schmidt is 1m75 tall, remembered by her beautiful face with doll-like features: blue eyes, high nose bridge, sexy lips and shiny blonde hair.

Alica Schmidt was once called “the sexiest beauty in sports”. She attracts great attention from fans, owning an Instagram page with 2.3 million followers and Tiktok (a social networking platform specializing in video recording) with 5.3 million “likes”.

Overwhelmed by the beauty of the German athlete, recently a famous men’s magazine sent Schmidt a lucrative modeling contract, but the 22-year-old runner flatly refused. Schmidt said he wanted to focus on his expertise and didn’t want to be distracted by other things.

The men’s magazine has successfully invited other female athletes to take pictures, and this time they were taken aback by Schmidt’s resolute answer.

Recently at the Tokyo Olympics, Schmidt was called to the national team to participate in the Olympics in 2 events of 4x400m mixed relay men – women, 4x400m women’s relay as a reserve athlete (only allowed to compete in the school room). cases of main athletes with injuries).

However, fans were extremely disappointed because Alica Schmidt did not have the opportunity to compete at any content in Tokyo. The German track and field team ranked last in the 4x400m medley relay final (breaking the rules, not counting achievements), even failing to qualify for the women’s 4x400m relay.

From excitement, fans began to doubt the real role of Alica Schmidt in the Olympics. In a video of the 22-year-old beauty on Instagram, fans questioned her: “It’s really confusing, what is she doing? She has many cool poses when filming the video, but I don’t see it. she’s in any Olympic event.”

A fan bluntly opened up about the possibility that she was chosen to come to Japan thanks to the sponsor’s “power” of the sponsor’s image, instead of based on her real ability: “It’s sad to hear that Schmidt can attend the Olympics just because it’s too much. It’s clear that she came to Japan just to promote her image for the Olympics.”


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