The master who knows the martial arts of tigers in swordplay Kim Dung, Truong Tam Phong also respects

(Sports news, martial arts news) Tiger fist in swordplay Kim Dung is described extremely vividly, in which there is a master who invented the martial art of tiger claws, making even the greatest master like Truong Tam Phong also must remind disciples to limit their use.

Martial arts masters perform impressive Phuc Ho Quyen (source: Martial Arts Self-Defense – HMS)

Being an important mascot in the “Five jutsu” of the Chinese martial arts system including Dragon, Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard, but “Tiger Fist” appears modestly in the martial arts novels of the late late grandfather. writer Kim Dung. However, the strength and power of tiger martial arts is still clearly shown when it is practiced and recognized by the top masters.

Vien Thua Chi was taught the “Fu Ho dharma” of the Hoa Son sect

Tiger martial arts was first mentioned by writer Kim Dung in Bich Blooded Sword when Thoi Thu Son imparted the Hoa Son sect’s phoenix “Phu Huu Thuong Phap” of the Hoa Son sect to Vien Thua Chi. This exquisite set of palm spells is described with a total of 108 pieces, each with 3 lines of “reciprocity”, adding up to 324 lines. Famous martial arts pieces are mentioned such as Hang Long Phuc Ho, Hoang Ho Don Tien, or Penetrating Ho Huyet.

In Hero of the Condor, the power of tiger martial arts is depicted in quite detail in the absence of Quy Van Trang’s homepage, which is Luc Quan Anh, who performed the outstanding martial arts set of La Han Phuc Ho Quyen. This is an elaborate discipline of the Tien Ha sect, a small branch of the Shaolin sect in Tung Son, Ha Nam.

“Quan Anh came down to the top of his favorite martial arts dance postures: Arhat worships tigers, punches, kicks and flashes, indeed is a famous disciple, martial arts has its own unique place. suddenly shouted a loud sound like a tiger roaring, the fire and torch swayed, and the wind was blowing all around.

The master who knows the martial arts of the tiger in swordplay Kim Dung, Truong Tam Phong also respects him - 3

As a character with average martial arts, but Luo Han Phuc Ho Quyen of Luc Quan Anh has remarkable power

The clairvoyants looked at each other in panic. He struck a punch and shouted again. The majestic majesty, clearly resembles a large tiger. While jumping to grab, suddenly the left palm stood up, which is exactly the shape of the Buddha’s hand. Originally, this legal right includes both the form of the tiger and the Arhat, the form of the tiger that grabs and grabs. Arhats welcome and fight together clearly in a set of legal rights.

Once again fighting for a while, the roar became smaller, the Arhat’s fists got faster and faster, and finally, with one punch, he hit the ground, the square brick there immediately broke. Luc Quan Anh jumped on the ground, his left hand supported the sky, his right foot kicked out, only standing on one leg, naturally identical to an Arhat statue that did not move,” Kim Dung wrote.

The master who knows martial arts in martial arts Kim Dung, Truong Tam Phong also respects - 4

“Wu Dang Seven Hiep” Du Lien Chau created the extremely toxic and dangerous set of Tiger Claw Absolute Protector

Although he is the son of Luc Thua Phong, one of the very good disciples of Dong Ta Hoang Medicine Su, his father refused to teach the martial arts of Dao Hoa Island to his son because he did not have the permission of the master. Therefore, Quan Anh worshiped Kho Moc Dai Su, the lead pillar of Van The pagoda as his teacher. From there, learn the above elaborate subject.

That’s how powerful it is, but in terms of toxicity, the new Tiger Claw Absolute Protector is considered the top when it comes to a great grandmaster like Truong Tam Phong who also has to show concern.

Appearing in the work Ỷ Thien Do Long Ky, Tiger Claw Absolute Protector is an elaborate discipline created by the second disciple of Truong Tam Phong of “Wu Dang That Hiep” Du Lien Chau from Wudang’s Tiger Claw.

The master who knows martial arts in martial arts Kim Dung, Truong Tam Phong also respects him - 5

Truong Tam Phong asks his disciples to use this martial art only when facing life and death

However, these twelve moves of Tiger Claw Absolute Protector are much more powerful than Wudang Tiger Claw Hand. Every move is grabbed on the back, causing anyone who gets hit by this move to suffer damage resulting in suicide.

After witnessing Du Lien Chau’s performance of Tiger Claw Absolute Protector, Truong Tam Phong affirmed that this was a great subject, but because it was too dangerous, he forbade his disciples to use it, unless it was a time of life and death. .

“Lien Chau created these twelve moves, hard to think about, must say is a great subject. If it was only because of my one word, it would be a pity. Everyone should study Lien Chau, but only when the first official of life and death is used, not indiscriminately.

I added after Tiger Claw two words Absolute Protection for everyone to remember that this martial art makes people die, it’s an assassin that causes people to destroy the subject for them,” commented Truong Tam Phong.

The master who knows martial arts in martial arts Kim Dung, Truong Tam Phong also respects - 6

Vo Dang Than Sang is proficient in Crouching Ho Cong, one of the 72 great Shaolin techniques

In addition, tiger martial arts also appear indirectly in the work Thien Long Bat Bo when the martial art “Crouching Tiger” is one of the 72 great techniques of Shaolin. Crouching Tiger (lying tiger) is an elaborate practice that specializes in training the tips of the fingers and toes in a way that pushes the fingers and toes to push up with heavy objects on the back to increase the difficulty.

The person who knows this martial art is none other than Vo Danh Than Tang, also known as Tao Dia Tang, the only master who has mastered all 72 Shaolin techniques and is considered the top master in all the series. martial arts of Kim Dung.


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