The master of the film Thuy Hu: Vo Tong, Lu Tri Tham must study books

(Sports news, martial arts news) The 85 kg athlete is a leading figure contributing to the creation of a legendary movie called “Water Margin”.

“Water Margin” (also known as Thuy Hu story) literally means “Ben water”, is a classic work of writer Thi Nai Am (China). The story tells about the uprising of the peasantry class against the feudal court of the Song Dynasty, in which 108 heroes stand out, led by the leader Song Giang.

Hanh Binh who plays Nguyen Tieu Ngu is a real-life bodybuilding champion

Watching movies, reading the story “Water Margin” who whispers before the heroic characters, capable of fighting 100 people. Notably, Vo Tong beat the tiger to death with his bare hands, Lu Tri Tham used 3 punches to kill Tran Quan Tay, “The first death newspaper” Lam Chong …

Those are the prominent characters and are often mentioned through the movie, the story “Water Margin”. But there is still a lot of controversy, because some other characters possess equally outstanding talent.

Thach Dung is ranked 99th out of 108 heroes of Luong Son Bac but has the ability to use 1 punch to kill people. Dao Tong Vuong can support the door close to thousands of pounds. Cuu Vi Quy Dao Tong Vuong used a shovel to kill a large number of enemy troops… However, they were not as appreciated as Vo Tong and Lo Tri Tham because they came to Luong Son Bac later and were rarely mentioned in the story.

“Water Margin” is a fictional story based on episodes that have been passed down orally, and turning it into a legendary movie is thanks to the talent of the director and actors.

To sketch the heroes of Luong Son Bac, the director of the old version of “Thuy Mar” selected many martial artists and athletes. Maybe Vo Tong or Lu Tri Tham are the strongest heroes of Luong Son Bac, but that was only in the movies, to successfully play the role they had to “learn the way” from Zhang Heng Ping (Truong Hanh Binh).

Hanh Binh has a height of 1m76, weighs 85 kg, has won the Chinese national bodybuilding tournament, former head coach of Zhengzhou fitness club. In the film, Hanh Binh plays Nguyen Tieu Ngu, who ranks 29th out of 108 Luong Son heroes.

The master of the film "Thuy Hu": Vo Tong, Lu Tri Tham must study books - 3

Hanh Binh is now 63 years old but still has a strong body

Nguyen Tieu Ngu is described as having eyes as bright as bells and arms like iron staffs. Tieu Ngu is always smiling, but has sharp eyes and a leopard tattoo on his chest.

In the movie Tieu Ngu is not the best, but outside of the movie Hanh Binh (playing the role of Tieu That) is the “most powerful” “Water Margin”. In the old version of the movie produced in 1998, he was the one who trained the actors’ health.

All those who play the role of Vo Tong, Lu Tri Tham, Lam Chong… must strictly follow Hanh Binh’s lesson plans to get healthy and muscular body, suitable for the character.

“Water Margin” is also the first film of Hanh Binh, the former bodybuilding champion who is now 63 years old. After that, he acted in 13 more films, including the 2006 film “God of the Condor Heroes”.

The master of the film "Thuy Hu": Vo Tong, Lu Tri Tham must study books - 4

The master of the film "Thuy Hu": Vo Tong, Lu Tri Tham must study books - 5

Actors playing the role of Lu Tri Tham or Vo Tong all had to “steal books” to learn physical strength from Hanh Binh during the process of participating in the acting of “Water Margin” in 1998.


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