The man is famous for using only white and red

IndiaSevenraj, 58, is honored by the World Records Book for its ‘unique lifestyle and magnificence’ using only furniture in red and white.

Sevenraj, who lives in Karnataka, says she comes from a family that only wears white clothes. At the age of 18, Sevenraj tried to incorporate a red tie into a suit of traditional colors and loved the contrast.

From there, he bought red and white cars, red shoes, and red-rimmed sunglasses until these two colors appeared in everything. Currently, his family lives in a house with red and white tables, armchairs, home appliances, crockery, even the toilet seat is red and white.

“I always want to be unique and if I just use these two colors, I will become the one with the most unique lifestyle in the world,” the man said.

Mr. Sevenjai’s family wears clothes and furniture that are only red and white. Image: Caters News Agency.

He has more than 30 ties, 15 coats, 30 shirts, 25 trousers, all red and white. Wearing new clothes every day, but people think he only has one set of clothes.

His wife Pushpa accepted her husband’s different dress style when she got married 25 years ago. Now their two children, Bharatraj and Maneesha, also wear red and white outfits like their parents.

Toilets and bathrooms are made from two traditional family colors.  Photo: Caters News Agency.

Toilets and bathrooms are made from two traditional family colors. Image: Caters News Agency.

The businessman is the 7th child, so being named Sevenraj also especially likes the number seven. His license plate number 7, he embroidered the crown and the number 7 on all his clothes. His jacket has 7 buttons and 7 pockets. Sevenjai even speak 7 languages, including Kannada, English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi and his mother tongue is Malayalam. “I believe this number brings luck to me,” said Sevenraj.

At first, their family was laughed at. Many people think Sevenjai is a “fool” but he vows to live like that to death. “Today, the world is talking about me and I am proud of it. Everywhere, people recognize us. They follow and ask to be photographed. Some people send red and white gifts. my family. I enjoy this attention-grabbing sensation and make me feel like a celebrity, “he said.

The father of two has recently been honored by the World Records book for his ‘unique lifestyle and magnificence’. Thanks to his popularity, Sevenraj boldly acted in movies. He produced and played the villain in a movie, but still wore red and white.

“I always wanted to be an actor but after my childhood failures, I now produce my own film. I believe with my popularity, people will enjoy my work”, he said.

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