The love story of a girl wearing 50 gold trees on her wedding day

HanoiHaving just known each other since the beginning of the year, Covid-19 “tied” Huyen Trang and Vinh Dang together and their wedding was held on October 24, despite the absence of the groom’s family.

In recent days, photos of the bride wearing 50 gold trees around her neck at the wedding of Huyen Trang, 30, are causing a stir in many groups on social networks. The couple stood out in royal-style costumes and Western-style decorated weddings even though the wedding was being held in a suburban district of Hanoi.

Few people know, behind that flashy image is an interesting and unexpected love story of a girl from Chua Huong with Vinh Dang, a boy from Vinh Long who was “contributed to by Covid-19”.

It all started from the chance meeting of two people at Huong Pagoda (My Duc district) earlier this year. The first time Vinh Dang came here to worship, he suddenly saw a familiar girl, wearing a blue shirt, with her hair tied in the style of an old Ha Thanh girl, holding her mother’s arm while sightseeing. The boy approached to talk. It turned out that just three months ago, the two had worked together. That time, Huyen Trang had a problem with a broker when renting an apartment for a long business trip in Ho Chi Minh City. She directly contacted the owner named Vinh Dang to talk. Everything just stops there.

The bride and groom dressed in royal style at the wedding on October 24. Photo: Hoang Minh Duc.

The meeting at Huong Pagoda helped to talk to each other longer. The next day, Trang took Dang to visit the sights of the capital. Sitting together at a bar by the West Lake, the young man thought “this successful girl just ‘plays out’ in simple places”, he added with sympathy.

A few months later, Trang had another business trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Dang had the opportunity to meet every day. One night after taking her home to visit his family, the guy working in the entertainment industry confessed: “I’m 31 years old now, everything is stable. I want to find a long-term acquaintance, get married. Do you agree to be that person?”.

They officially fell in love and cooperated in business. Because both are busy with work, they often have time to talk before going to bed and early in the morning. At the end of May, Dang went to Hanoi to visit his lover, when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, he could not return to Ho Chi Minh City anymore. The young couple returned to their hometown in Ben Duc, Huong Pagoda to play with Trang’s parents for a few days, unexpectedly Hanoi was also separated “whereever you are, stay there”.

Vinh Dang said, when he first came here, Trang’s father, Mr. Trinh Van Quang, was quiet and had a “keep daughter” mentality. Three dinners in a row, Dang was forced to drink, drunk every day. The fourth meal was spared, the young man took the opportunity to say: “I ask your permission to know Trang”. The father said: “I come from afar, no one knows how it was before. Make a certificate of singleness, feel free to find out”.

This time, Dang was lucky. Because he often goes on tour, he has a certificate ready, and immediately shows it. He also called his parents to talk to the adults in Trang’s house. “But the milestone of conquering the future father-in-law was when he opened his heart when he used to be in the army in the West,” Dang said.

Two men of two generations, sitting and telling each other about the ferry trips in the past, the story of Westerners drawing water from the ditch to settle alum to drink, until drinking parties under thatched roofs… In art school, Dang matches well with his father when it comes to singing or filming TikTok comedy.

When stuck in Hanoi because of the epidemic, Vinh Dang stayed here to invest in real estate and now runs a beauty salon with his wife.  Photo: Character provided

Vinh Dang in his lover’s beauty salon, August 2021. When he was stuck in Hanoi, he stayed here to invest in real estate and jointly run a beauty salon business. Photo: Character provided.

Huyen Trang’s family lives in a spacious farm, raising porcupines, deer, rabbits… Every day, the artist and his father go to cut grass and herd goats. He also learned more about scientific husbandry knowledge to share with him, and at the same time advised his father to raise unique breeds to increase value such as black chicken, Dong Tao chicken, ripe chicken…

Lunch every day is the busiest time. Trang’s whole family is very eager to eat Western Dang dishes such as hot pot with fish sauce, banana salad… The times he makes stewed rice, it’s like his father will bring back a basket of wild vegetables.

“In the hot afternoon, I dropped a fishing net and jumped into the pool. Those were peaceful days that I had never experienced before, making me feel like I was living in a place for Japanese seniors to relax,” Vinh Dang shared. .

While her boyfriend has a healthy lifestyle, Huyen Trang is busy with work, so she eats erratically, and exercise is more limited. At home, at 5 o’clock every day, she was woken up by him and dragged to climb the mountain. The boy held her hand as he walked through the lotus ponds inhaling the scent of morning flowers or the stork fields in the white stork mountains. Tired of climbing, they leaned against each other, watching the sunrise.

“Anh Dang is a year older than me, but has a thorough insight into all issues. In love, thanks to him, I understand that we don’t love the wrong person but love the wrong way,” the girl who once failed in love, shared. shall. Her heart had been closed for several years, until Dang touched it.

This is also what Vinh Dang realized after attending courses on love and marriage. So that right at the beginning of this love, he and her aim to build a love story beyond the vibe, to understand the other person’s personality like a close friend, share with each other with joy and sorrow and respect each other for knowledge.

Wedding photo of Huyen Trang and Vinh Dang.  Photo:

Wedding photo of Huyen Trang and Vinh Dang. Photo: Hoang Minh Duc.

After more than three months together, the young couple decided to get married. The wedding was held in a compact manner with about 20 trays, serving guests scattered for a few days to ensure distance. Before the wedding day, the groom himself went to buy decorations and set up a special Western-style wedding gate to make miniatures for guests to take pictures.

The groom’s family attended the wedding online. But according to the tradition of the Vinh Long people, the mother-in-law still gives gold to her children on the wedding day for good luck, with a bride price of about 20 billion VND.

“Wearing so much gold, I just feel heavy. But it’s the love of both sides’ parents, relatives and friends, so my wife and I appreciate it,” the bride said.

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