The lonely end of a man with 10 wives

ThailandAt the age of 79, Mr. Phuwanat Rattanawijit hopes to see the children of 10 wives again, hoping to take care of the last days of his life.

On September 12, Mrs. Prapassorn Rattanawijit, 50, from Rattanaburi district, Surin province, posted a search for half-brothers across the country, to join her in taking care of her father, Mr. Phuwanat Rattanawijit, who suffered a stroke. hard life.

“I hope that my father’s other children, even though we have cut ties for many years, can come back, take care of him with me, and share the burden,” said the 50-year-old woman.

Poor health after a stroke caused Mr. Phuwanat Rattanawijit to ask his daughter Prapassorn (flower shirt) to take care of him. Image: TP

Looking at the pictures of a sick, emaciated 79-year-old man shared on social networks, few people know that in his youth, Phuwanat was once a famous and wealthy real estate dealer.

Wherever he went, Mr. Phuwanat flirted with beautiful girls, even married 10 people in many different localities such as Bangkok, Yasothon, Roi Et, Samut Prakan, Surin, Sisaket, Ubon Ratchathani, Nong Khai… do wife. They all bore him children.

In Thailand, polygamy has been illegal since 1935. Mr. Phuwanat’s marriage in name only, is not recognized by law.

Some time after the business decline, Mr. Phuwanat had to work many jobs, no longer able to visit and provide for 10 wives. Meetings became less frequent, and many people no longer kept in touch.

In his old age, when his health declined, he applied for a temple to stay, but unfortunately suffered a stroke.

In January 2022, he moved in with his first wife’s daughter. Ms. Prapassorn said that she could not forgive knowing that her father abandoned her mother to marry many other people, she still had to work to support her family, but she could not bear to leave him.

The sequelae of the stroke made it difficult for Mr. Phuwanat to move. Recently, he was absent-minded, his health deteriorated, he could not live on his own, he had to ask his daughter to take care of him from meals to sleep.

When he was sober, he often said he wanted to see all of his children again, hoping they could take care of the last days of their lives. “Now what I look forward to the most is to see my children. I miss them very much,” said Mr. Phuwanat.

Minh Phuong (According to Thailand Postsen)


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