The little girl raised 50 spiders, snakes, and scorpions in the bedroom

BrotherAs a toddler, 8-year-old Hollie Greenhalgh of Winsford, Cheshire put spiders in the palm of his hand and talked passionately.

“She was always fascinated by them,” said Rachel, 29, Hollie’s mother. When she was three years old, she took her to a insects show and she picked them up. On her 7th birthday, Hollie was given a red-footed Mexican spider.

Little Hollie holding python and spider in hand. She likes to play with them more than going out with her friends. Image: winsfordguardian.

Since then, her family has spent about £ 500 to help her daughter collect her favorite spiders. “I like to see them crawling, looking very cute,” said the child.

Currently, her bedroom has about 50 spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, grasshoppers, snails and two snakes … They are raised in “separate houses” and have their own names.

Hollie spends about three hours on weekends feeding them. “I’d rather spend time at home taking care of them than going out. I want everyone to understand that spiders and invertebrates are wonderful and cute,” she said.

Each animal was raised in a small cage and given its own name.  Photo: SWNS.

Each animal is raised in a small “house” and has its own name. Image: SWNS.

Hollie shares her knowledge of animals on her YouTube channel and currently has 6,000 followers. Sister Rachel helps her daughter to shoot and edit video. “Seeing her handling it makes us less scared. She is kind to animals so they seem to feel it,” the mother said. In addition to small animals, Hollie has two cats named Harry, Beauty and a dog named Daisy.

Through YouTube channel, Hollie is known to everyone. She received many gifts from collectors around the world. Currently, the Hollie family has moved to a bigger house so she can expand her “mini zoo”.

Growing up, Hollie said he wanted to be a sitter and a second David Attenborough – specializing in animal shows.

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