The lion attacked the baby zebra, mother tasted the necklace, the video will make you go crazy

The lion is called the king of the jungle. When he is hungry, he can put the biggest animal to sleep in an instant. No other animal in the forest dares to stand in front of him or challenge him. Even if an animal comes in his way by mistake, then seeing it, he considers it good to drag his feet back.

Among all these, there is only one animal which is seen fighting and fighting with the biggest dreaded lion inside the forest. Today we are talking about the mother of wild animals found in the forests. In fact, many such videos have surfaced on social media in the past, in which families of wild animals inside the forests, especially the mother, have been seen fighting with big predatory animals.

Recently a video is becoming increasingly viral. In which a lion is seen hunting a zebra baby. During this zebra’s mother is seen attacking the lion to save her child. While facing the lion, the female zebra is also seen kicking it vigorously with its hind legs. So that the lion leaves the child.

It can be seen at the end of the video that the child runs away as soon as it is freed from the clutches of the lion. After which his mother also leaves from there safely. At present, the king of the jungle has to taste failure in his hunt this time. The video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Which is getting thousands of views and likes till the time of writing the news. Everyone is appreciating the love and courage of the zebra mother.

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