The King of slapping competition beat the North East and had problems, his face was deformed because he was slapped

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, behind-the-scenes news) Encounter with a “equal weight” opponent, the King of slapping Russia has a scary injury.

Video of the 2021 world final match:

Russia is the birthplace of many exotic sports, slapping is one of the most special. In this game, Vasily Kamotsky, Russian athlete with a weight of more than 150 kg is the top player. In the top or heavyweight category, no matter how strong and heavy the opponent meets Khamotiskiy, they succumb after receiving blows.

King of slaps, Vasily Kamotsky suffered such serious injury for the first time

The athlete was born in Ilansky in Siberia (Russia), became a star and brought slapping to many social media users since winning the slapping championship in Russia in 2019. No one can beat Kamotsky for to early 2020. Worth mentioning, Khamotiskiy “Dumplings” was subdued to a farmer, in a small local tournament in Russia.

That defeat caused Kamotsky’s reputation to decline quite a bit. In 2020 people no longer see Kamotsky participating in slapping competitions, instead the man switches to martial arts. On March 27, at the 2021 world championship slapping competition taking place in Poland, Kamotsky had an impressive comeback.

Defeating a series of opponents to reach the final, Kamotsky clashed with equally strong player David Zalevsky, who also weighed more than 150 kg. The confrontation was extremely tense when neither side gave up after 3 rounds. In the 4th slap, Zalevsky released a “fatal” slap that caused the Russian slap king staggered down, through which Zalevsky became the world champion in 2021.

After the match, the two athletes did not mention much about the match, but they went on social networks to show off the deformed face image because of the slaps. Kamotsky’s face was first seen so swollen after a competition, although he was a world champion, but Zalevsky suffered more serious injuries, his face was disfigured and swollen as big as a bowl.

King of slapping

Kamotsky cannot win world championships

King of slapping

World champion Zalevsky had even more terrible facial swelling than his opponent

King of slapping

2021 Slap Competition Champion, Zalevsky

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King exam slapped in Russia 150kg

(Sports news) “The thick mandarin shell with sharp nails”, in the end the world’s strongest slapstick athlete was defeated.


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