The Japanese MMA tiger fish unleashed an electric strike that froze the opponent

Sunday, 11/8/2020 13:25 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) Japanese martial artist Yuya Wakamatsu continues to show his ability to strike fast with a quick knock-out victory over Kim Kyu Sung.

Wakamatsu’s fast-paced strike knocked out the opponent in the first half

Both talented and experienced MMA fists in the Flyweight weight category, but Yuya Wakamatsu received more attention in his confrontation with Kim Kyu at ONE Inside The Matrix 2 event in Singapore.

Wakamatsu hits the opponent in the face with lightning

Because, the Japanese boxer possesses extremely fast, flexible fighting style, flashes and full of variations. Of his 13 victories at MMA, more than half were finished by Wakamatsu in the first half. This earned him the nickname “Tiger Fish” of the Japanese MMA village.

Without the slightest hint of exploration, Wakamatsu immediately rushes to attack right after the opening bell. Despite the disadvantage of height, Wakamatsu (1m67) with extremely flexible mobility still has the advantage over Kim Kyu Sung (1m78) with precise trimming.

The Japanese boxer rushed in to add a blow to make the opponent stay motionless

When the first half took place less than 2 minutes, Wakamatsu released an extremely fast but powerful right hand punch that made Kyu Sung fall to the floor. The Japanese boxer rushed in and added a blow to make the opponent completely immobile. Even Wakamatsu’s punch is so fast that the audience has to chase after the slow-motion situation to see what happened.

Also from the slow-motion video, viewers realize this knock-out situation comes from a blow-out screen of two boxers. Wakamatsu’s punch is twice as fast as his opponent. The Japanese fighter shows that he deserves to be considered as the top candidate for the Flyweight championship in the coming time.

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