The Italian leader in waterless car washing lands in France

Posted on Jan 6, 2022, 5:15 p.m.Updated Jan 6, 2022, 6:55 PM

Have your car washed at home or at the office, without water thanks to more ecological products. This is the offer of the Italian start-up Wash Out, born in 2016, and which arrives in France in 2022. Subsidiary since 2020 of the Telepass group, specializing in electronic toll services, the young growth started from the following observation: water consumption for washing a car is estimated at 160 liters on average; multiply by the 39 million vehicles that circulate in Italy and are washed on average 3 times each year; nearly 19 billion liters of water are used by car wash stations on the peninsula.

In 2020, Wash Out saved more than 15 million liters of water and 6,500 kg of CO2. About a hundred washers operate in six towns on the peninsula: Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Bologna and Monza. A telephone application or the site allow them to use their service at home, at work, in a car park or even in the street. Wash Out is aimed at individuals as well as vehicle rental agencies, dealerships or even the fleets of private companies.

Clean the interior of vehicles

Thanks to the pandemic, it also offers a disinfection service according to the criteria of the Ministry of Health. A market that the Covid-19 has made flourishing. According to a survey by the Swg research center, if 44% of companies with a fleet had the interior of their vehicle cleaned daily before the appearance of the virus, they are now 63%. Wash Out’s turnover has increased tenfold in five years and its revenues jumped 67% last year.

“On the strength of our results in Italy, we are pursuing our strategy of expansion and growth. The Covid-19 has intensified the need for companies to wash and disinfect their vehicles. We want to meet this need and we believe that France is the European country most receptive to our services attentive to the protection of the environment ”, declares the CEO founder of Wash Out, Christian Padovan. Paris and Rennes are the first cities concerned, before Lyon from mid-February and Nice in the coming months. The French team of ten people will increase to forty by the summer.

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