The husband used the burning wood to build his wife and children ‘house

HanoiExperiencing the beginning of 2020 full of events, Le Ngoc Tung’s family moved to a smaller house with the hope of a new start.

The new home of the couple of a 38-year-old man and three children is a 3.5-storey house on a 70-square-meter plot of land in the urban area of ​​Hung Yen, with lots of greenery and natural light. However, when receiving the house, the function is not suitable for the homeowners who decide to renovate, from the location of the living room, the kitchen to the toilet shaft.

Outside the house. The main door is made of monolithic wood, Tung carved the picture of three children according to the drawing of his older daughter with the expectation that no matter how far they go, the children still remember the door with their parents. Image: Le Ngoc Tung.

As a person in the furniture industry, Tung designs and takes part in most of the home repair process. In particular, all the room doors and the interior are made from wooden bars left over from the home fire. “I tried to assemble them to have a new life with my family in a quieter place than the city,” shared Mr. Tung.

The wooden slats of different types are filtered out, folded and scaled as holes to break the striated structure. This method of scaling is also intended to remind the image of carp with the meaning of “dragon carp”, a reference to the experience of the owner.

Mr. Tung's kitchen designed for his wife.  Photo: Le Ngoc Tung.

Mr. Tung’s kitchen designed for his wife. Entire kitchen furniture is made use of burnt wood. Image: Le Ngoc Tung.

In the new house, Tung is most interested in the kitchen. “The kitchen was completed later than October 20 but still made his wife happy,” he said.

The kitchen does not have many expensive appliances, taking advantage of some items from the old house, enough for a family of five. The highlight of the kitchen is the hood made by Mr. Tung, the outside is wood, the inside is corrugated iron and plastic pipes, connected to the slug fan on the roof to eliminate noise.

Instead of being placed behind the house, the kitchen is brought to the front to catch the sun, limiting bacteria growth. With this layout, every day, Tung’s wife can cook the kitchen while looking out.

The bathroom combined with the dressing room is also a space that Tung takes care of for his wife. Every morning, after jogging, preparing breakfast and changing for his children, Tung’s wife usually spends 45 minutes in the bath. Therefore, the tub is located in a position that can receive oblique sunlight from the northeast for her to relax.

Bathroom space and dressing room.  Photo: Le Ngoc Tung.

Bathroom space and dressing room. Image: Le Ngoc Tung.

In addition to half-burned wooden slats and carp-inspired furniture, Tung used baked bricks to line the floors and soil for walls and stairs to both emphasize the implications of “rebirth” and enhance indigenous. for the House.

The house was completed by Mr. Tung within 2.5 months with a total cost of 1.4 billion VND.

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Minh Trang

Image: Le Ngoc Tung


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