The house “enough virtual living space” of the Hanoi couple

Designed to help but not satisfied by an acquaintance, the owner turned to the architect to turn the 300 m2 plot into an ideal home for four people.

The land is located in an alley in Mieu Nha village. Originally there was an old house in the foreground. Wanting an airy living space, enough natural light and suitable for four members of three generations, the owner agreed with the architect to demolish the old house, leaving a yard of 7.2 meters wide and 14 in length. meters.

The new house has three floors, set back completely behind the land, 7.2 meters wide and 12 meters long. Image: Wuyhoang.

Initially, the house had a design that split the column, dividing each area, making the space crumbling and cramped. Based on the condition of the land and actual usage needs, the group of architects proposed a new plan, which surpassed the grid span by 7.2 meters. Thanks to that, the space is wider.

The homeowner requests that the house has many places to relax and can become a beautiful setting for taking photos in a “virtual life” style.

Outside, the work is designed in a modern, simple and square way with bright paint colors. The steel-frame roofs that combine the aluminum bar and aluminum imitation wood protect the facade and accentuate the house. The front porch with a Koi pond is especially loved by the owner.

Favorite relaxation corner of the host.  Photo: Wuyhoang.

The front porch is where the homeowner drinks tea and watches the Koi fish pond. The steel roof creates flap of light when the sun shines. Image: Wuyhoang.

In the house, the interior combines a variety of styles, from nostalgic, coarse to modern to bring different “virtual living” corners.

The ground floor has a bedroom for the grandmother so the color tone is a bit deep. The main highlight on this floor is the fiberglass reinforced concrete wall system that spreads from the foot of the living room to the end of the floor space and stairs from the ground floor to the second floor.

On the second floor, the master bedroom overlooks the upper floor of the living room through the wooden spokes combined with fabric curtains, making the homeowner “feel like in a resort”. The toilet area is marked with a round glass window for users to see the outside space.

Instead of the traditional railing, the stairs from the first floor to the third floor use the cable car system to open the view. In terms of materials, the project mainly uses industrial wood painted with paint, white terrazzo tile floor mixed with color patterns.

The total cost of completing the project is about three billion VND.

The interior of the house has many different styles but mainly uses neutral colors for a bright and close space.  Photo: Wuyhoang.

Partitioning living room with kitchen – dining room is used as a place to hang TV and a closet. Image: Wuyhoang.

See the technical drawings of the project here.

Click to see more pictures of the project.

Minh Trang

Image: Wuyhoang

Design: 349Design


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