The hottest sports on the morning of May 6: Pacquiao finished a match and retired?

Thursday, May 6, 2021 00:03 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) The Filipino boxing legend lethargy about retiring ahead of the match with former IBF and WBC lightweight champions.

Pacquiao finished one match and retired?

Responding to the media, Manny Pacquiao revealed that he will make a decision about retiring after the match with Mikey Garcia, former IBF champion and light WBC champion (no time, specific location). The last time fans saw the “Pac-man” on the top floor was from January 2019, when he defeated Keith Thurman to win the WBA mid-range championship title.

Pacquiao will determine the future after the match with Mikey Garcia

Mayweather’s son likes to smoke “grass” over boxing practice

On the radio show “Million Dollaz Worth of Game”, Foyd Mayweather revealed his two sons Koraun (21) and Zion (20 years old) are not interested in boxing. Even the 44-year-old legend humorously affirmed that “the kids prefer to smoke grass, so I don’t think they can pursue boxing”.

Nadal praised the defeat at the Madrid Open

After beating Carlos Alcaraz 2-0 in the second round of the Madrid Open, Rafael Nadal praised his fellow countryman. Alcaraz is only 18 years old this year, considered the heir to Nadal bringing glory to Spanish tennis. According to the “king of clay”, Alcaraz possesses great potential and only needs a little more time “.

Mercedes shocking, calculating the type of partner Hamilton’s best

According to sources from the Daily Mail, the Mercedes team is increasingly disappointed with Valtteri Bottas’s performance in the 2021 season, even planning to replace him with young driver George Russell. Through the first 3 races, Bottas has not yet finished first and is questioned by many members of the Mercedes team.

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The hottest night of sports on 5/5: Djokovic goes out in Bosnia Herzegovina

(Sports news) While his direct opponents were playing at the Madrid Open, Djokovic opted to travel in Bosnia.


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