The hottest sports on the morning of January 25: American strippers win the first fight in UFC

(Sports News) The woman who worked as a stripper for many years Vanessa Demopoulos has just had her first victory on the UFC floor when she switched to being a mixed martial artist (MMA).

The beauty who quit her career as a stripper won her first fight in the UFC

Video of former stripper Vanessa Demopoulos’ victory over Silvana Juarez on January 22 at the UFC 270 event:

At the UFC 270 event on January 22 in Anaheim (California, USA), 33-year-old beauty Vanessa Demopoulos, nicknamed Lil Monster, just had her first victory on the UFC floor when she defeated Silvana Juarez. In an interview with The Sun, Vanessa also revealed that before becoming a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, she had many years of work as a stripper when she had 13 years of pole dancing at nightclubs.

Vanessa Demopoulos worked as a stripper for many years before turning to an MMA fighter

This beauty shared: “I don’t think it’s a secret. I have been an exotic dancer for the past 13 years. I’ve never talked about it before, but I want to talk about it now.”

“I stopped being a stripper to continue practicing martial arts. I stopped pole dancing about 6 years ago. In just eight weeks, I can fully focus on MMA and take this extremely seriously in the gym every day,” Vanessa said.

Djokovic does not sue the Australian government, can attend the Australian Open next year

Recently, Mr. Craig Tiley, president of Tennis Australia, the governing body of the Australian Open, has revealed that the agency is ready to welcome Novak Djokovic back here to compete early next year even though the world No. scheduled this year’s Grand Slam tournament because of expulsion.

The hottest sports on the morning of January 25: American strippers win the first match in UFC - 3

Djokovic was paved by his big boss to return to the Australian Open in 2023

“I think he (Djokovic) will play here next year. After all, he’s the best player in the world and he loves the Australian Open,” Tiley told ABC television.

This official also denied that Djokovic would sue the Australian government for $ 4 million in compensation for missing the 2022 Australian Open: “No, he will not sue. We have talked and will renegotiate with him. But for now, we have to focus on organizing this great event well (Australian Open 2022).”

Falcao was stabbed to death in front of the bar

According to Marca, Maiquel Falcao, a former MMA fighter who won 40 times in 60 fights in the UFC and Bellator has just died at the age of 40 from multiple stab wounds in the stomach while leaving a bar on Rua Major Francisco Nunes. de Souza (Brazil). This serious case happened at about 3:45 am on the morning of January 24.

This former boxer Maiquel Falcao was taken to Hospital de Pronto-Socorro after being stabbed but his injuries were so severe that he did not survive. Currently, the police are still searching for the person who killed Maiquel Falcao to bring the perpetrator back to the case soon.

The popular volleyball coach is suspected of sexually abusing 2 players

Almería’s Investigative Court No. 2 said it was investigating Cosme Prenafeta, a famous coach and former player of the Spanish volleyball team, in connection with the suspicion that he sexually abused two male volleyball players. .

According to Sport, the incident may have taken place on December 28 of last year. At that time, coach Cosme Prenafeta asked two of his players (both 18 years old) to stay a little longer at the cafeteria before getting them drunk and asking these players to perform “sex games”. ” with me.

Two female basketball stars Girona both have Covid-19

Mundo Deportivo newspaper reported that Laia Palau and another player in the first team of Girona women’s basketball club, Julia Reisingerová, had both tested positive for Covid-19 virus on Monday (January 24). first). They are currently self-isolating at home and are expected to miss the match that Girona meets Landes on January 26 at the Euroleague Women’s Basketball Championship.


Live Australian Open on 9th: Nadal is wary of Zverev's

(Sports news, tennis news) Shapovalov is ready to surprise Nadal in the quarterfinals after sending Zverev home, the number one seed…

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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