The hottest sports on the morning of February 22: Khabib no longer appreciated Tony Ferguson

Monday, February 22, 2021 07:36 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) In a recent interview, Khabib no longer appreciates Tony Ferguson as the UFC lightweight weight class.

Khabib no longer appreciates Tony Ferguson

In a recent interview, Khabib explained why the Russian boxer does not respect Tony Ferguson at the moment. “I think Ferguson used to be a king at lightweight (66-70kg). However, not now.

Khabib no longer appreciates Tony Ferguson

Neither he nor anyone else can stay in shape when he’s 37 years old. In this weight class, you cannot do that, even I am not an exception. If the weight is greater, it can happen. ”Before that, Tony Ferguson was losing two consecutive games.

Tiger Woods appointment date back

Veteran American golfer Tiger Woods has revealed to the press he hopes to play again at The Masters 2021 next April at Augusta National. The 45-year-old golfer went to the operating table to remove the broken disc fragment and the back nerve not long ago. This is Woods’ 5th career on the operating table because of this problem.

Star F1 broke his jaw because … riding a bike

World champion Fernando Alonso has returned to training for the next F1 season after breaking his jaw due to a bicycle accident a little while ago. The Spanish driver did not attend F1 2020 and decided to switch to electric racing (Indycar). However, Alonso will return this season in the Alpine F1 team shirt.

Anthony Davis take 4 months off?

According to some sources, basketball superstar Anthony Davis is at risk of 4 months off due to tendon injury. Previously, the press reported that the American pitcher’s break time was only 4 weeks. If Davis takes too long a break, it will be a disadvantage for the Los Angeles Lakers club in his journey to defend the throne in NBA 2020/21. Currently, they have lost 3/4 of their last appearances.

Anthony Joshua is constantly buying new homes

According to the UK’s Mirror, British boxer Anthony Joshua spent up to £ 7.5 million to buy four houses in less than two years. The champion of three heavy boxing titles bought three houses in Watford – his hometown and a £ 1 million home in North London.

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The hottest sport on the evening of February 21: Murray wants to reach the top 50 ATP after the 2021 season

(Sports news) Former world number 1 tennis player Andy Murray has just admitted wanting to return to the top 50 ATP after the fifth season …


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