The hottest sports on the morning of December 24: Appeared who accepted the challenge of Jake Paul

Thursday, December 24, 2020 00:04 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) A former UFC boxer accepted to fight Jake Paul to “make a ton of money by beating someone pretending to be athlete”.

Appears the challenger to challenge Jake Paul

Former middle-class boxer Ben Askren announced he agreed to play Jake Paul on March 28, 2021. The former UFC boxer revealed the news to former colleague and commentator Chael Sonnen that Jake Paul will fight Askren and then former boxer Dillon Danis (Conor McGregor’s partner) before sending a challenge. against McGregor. Askren announced he would take advantage of this opportunity to “make a great deal of money by beating a guy who likes to pretend to be athletes”.

Jake Paul – Ben Askren will face off at the end of March next year

Andy Murray almost went soccer

Andy Murray’s mother Judy Murray revealed that Andy Murray was given the opportunity to join the Rangers club in Glasgow, one of Scotland’s two biggest football teams, in the form of teenage talent. “Andy ultimately chose to focus on tennis, as well as having a normal childhood with his family,” she said.

Masvidal questioned McGregor’s sales record

Over the past few days, Conor McGregor has drawn attention when claiming that he owns the UFC’s biggest TV viewership record in 2020. However, Jorge Masvidal questioned McGregor’s statement. , said: “Don’t make up, doesn’t look like my game at UFC 251 makes no sense?” Masvidal confronted Kamaru Usman at UFC 251, and the event is said to have had the highest television purchases since UFC 229 October 2018.

Red Bull wants Sergio Perez to reveal Mercedes secrets

The press said that the Red Bull racing team in recent years has gathered a lot of information from driver Sergio Perez to grasp the Mercedes team engine. Perez recently joined Red Bull after his contract with Racing Point, and the Mercedes engine information was learned by Perez while at Racing Point. The year 2021 will be the last year Red Bull will use a Honda engine before switching to a new engine.

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The hottest sport on the evening of December 23: Nadal was criticized after winning the Stefan Edberg award

(Sports news) Rafael Nadal after receiving the Stefan Edberg award received some criticism on social media.


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