The hottest sports on January 23: The tennis woman is worried about the lack of fairness in the Australian Open

Saturday, January 23, 2021 00:38 (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) Belinda Bencic has just voiced concerns that players might get injured or not ensure fitness.

Tennis village women worry the Australian Open is unfair

Swiss tennis star Belinda Bencic has just voiced concerns that players could get injured or not be physically fit if they have to play right after the end of their special quarantine period in Melbourne. World No. 12 player expressed hope that the Australian Open Organizing Committee has a solution to make the game more fair for the 14-day quarantined players.

Bencic was one of 72 players who were not allowed to leave their hotel rooms in Melbourne, after being on three flights to take them to Australia, but there was a Covid-19 infection. The tennis woman proved quite tired and admitted it was difficult to play at her best if she had to play right after the isolation period.

Andy Murray missed an appointment with the Australian Open

Former world number 1 tennis player Andy Murray has announced quite a sad news to his fans. Accordingly, the British tennis player missed an appointment with the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open. Specifically, Murray revealed he was unable to reach a common voice with the tournament organizers about the proper isolation conditions.

Andy Murray officially missed the Australian Open this year

Prior to that, Murray was positive for Covid-19 and although the 33-year-old’s recovery was relatively quick, as a result, he was still unable to fly to Melbourne. Murray admits making a great effort to get to his favorite league but there was no solution that really suits his current situation.

Federer experienced a clip for a promotional outfit

Although he has not completely recovered from 2 knee surgeries and did not attend the Australian Open in time, Roger Federer is still very busy with the advertising schedule. Most recently, the eight-time champion Wimbledon filmed an advertisement with sports company Uniqlo to launch the Japanese group’s latest outfit.

In the clip, the former world No. 1 player implicitly expressed his thoughts while jogging up a very high slope and thinking about family members. This is considered a symbolic image for Federer himself when he reached the peak of his career and wants to direct great attention to his small family.

Mercedes brought young STAR to threaten Hamilton

F1 2020 championship team Mercedes is still unable to end the noise surrounding their number 1 driver Lewis Hamilton’s contract. Recently, Mercedes has planned to promote the image of talented young driver George Russell to put pressure on Hamilton. The German racing team implicitly declared that Russell was completely able to replace “senior” if Hamilton continued his uncooperative attitude.

Mercedes is still the only team of F1 2021 that has not yet closed 2 riders in the new season. The new contract between Hamilton and Mercedes is the hottest topic for F1 this year and it seems that things are not over when the 36-year-old driver completely rejects Mercedes’ offer to renew.

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