The hottest sports morning 11/29: Murray rated Nadal higher than Djokovic by one point

Sunday, 11/29/2020 00:01 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) World No. 1 player in 2016, Andy Murray asserted that Nadal always maintains maximum endurance and concentration for each match, while Djokovic cannot always do it.

Murray rated Nadal higher than Djokovic by one point

The British tennis player, Andy Murray recently gave an interview with The Sun. When judging between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal, Murray said that the reason Nadal still owns the Grand Slam collection more than Djokovic is because of his spiritual strength.

Nadal (left) is prized over Djokovic in terms of mental strength

The number 1 player in the world in 2016 affirmed that Nadal always maintains maximum endurance and concentration for each match, while “Nole” does not always do that even though he possesses a fighting technique. better than Rafa. Murray added that the two will then surpass Roger Federer’s record of the Grand Slam championship.

Khabib listened to the attack on McGregor in 2018

Recently, boxer Khabib Nurmagomedov recounted the fight after the match with Conor McGregor in 2018. In the UFC championship match, Khabib knocked out his opponent with an ancient lock.

But then, riot broke out when the Russian boxer attacked Dillon Danis, a member of McGregor’s team. The UFC champion admits Dillon Danis does not disparage or insult him, and he is simply angry that he should choose Dillon Danis to attack because he is the youngest on McGregor’s team.

Lewis Hamilton wants to surpass the legendary Schmacher

Lewis Hamilton soon won the Formula 1 racing championship in 2020. Thus, the British racer has for the 7th time standing on the highest throne of the F1 village in the world, comparable to the achievement of legendary Michael Schumacher. However, Hamilton was still not satisfied. The British driver shared that he still maintains his passion for F1 and also wants to win this tournament many more times to go into F1 history as the best racer.

Sharapova revealed her reason for retiring

Maria Sharapova recently revoked her ban from playing because she was positive for doping. After receiving the penalty, “Masha” recalls that she had to use the Google search engine to find out about the banned substance because the Russian player himself did not know the information. In addition, Sharapova admits the period of her ban from playing allowed her to see life differently and since then, tennis has been no longer the only passion for the 33-year-old former.

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