The hottest sports in the morning of February 24: Vietnamese-born tennis player Antoine Hoang makes regret

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 00:02 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) In the next qualifying round, Antoine Hoang lost 0-2 to the world’s 160th-ranked Dutch player Tallon Griekspoor and had to close his Open Sud de France 2021 journey too soon.

Vietnamese-born player Antoine Hoang causes regret

French Vietnamese-Vietnamese tennis player Antoine Hoang defeated compatriot Luca Van Assche 2-0 (6-4, 6-0) in the first qualifying round of the Open Sud de France 2021 men’s tennis tournament. ATP 250 system took place in France.

Antoine Hoang causes regret

Unfortunately, in the next qualifying round, Hoang lost to the 160 world-class Dutch player Tallon Griekspoor 0-2 (6-7, 3-6) and had to close his journey too soon. Antoine Hoang is currently ranked 124 in the world and is the number 13 tennis player of France.

Revealing the “monster” that can defeat Khabib, dominate the UFC

According to coach Firas Zahabi, UFC emerging star Khamzat Chimaev will become a champion in the near future. This Swedish puncher is considered to have a very “heavy” attack like Conor McGregor, and his ability to crack is not inferior to Khabib Nurmagomedov. The biggest problem with Chimaev himself right now is that this puncher cannot practice again due to Covid-19.

Michael Jordan sponsored the construction of the clinic

American basketball legend Michael Jordan has spent $ 10 million to fund the opening of two medical clinics in the state of North Carolina (USA), his hometown. The opening of these two clinics is scheduled to take place in late February or early March. This is the second time in the past two years that this basketball legend has spent heavily on health care. Before that, he spent $ 7 million to help open two family clinics named after him.

Covid-19 “sweeps” the UAE Tour

The popular Mathieu van der Poel’s Alpecin-Fenix ​​team had to withdraw from the UAE Tour because one of the team members was Covid-19 positive. This is very unfortunate because in the first race of the tournament, Mathieu van der Poel finished first with a time of 3 hours 45 minutes 37 seconds and he also won the final yellow shirt in the race this season. Dutch driver Mathieu van der Poel (26 years old) has won the world championship seven times.

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The greatest Djokovic in the Australian Open: Tactics like Mike Tyson and aspiration to win the world

(Sports news, Tennis news) The greatest Djokovic in the Australian Open: Tactics like Mike Tyson and aspiration to win the world.


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