The hottest sports in the morning of February 21: a famous coach accused many female athletes for being forced

Sunday, February 21, 2021 00:16 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) World sports shocked when Stefan Lurz, the famous German football team’s coach, was repeatedly accused of raping and sexually harassing his female athletes over the years. by.

The famous water polo coach was accused of “playing a corrupt game” with many female students

Der Speigel (Germany) recently reported shocking when it was said that Stefan Lurz – the famous male coach of the country’s water polo team, was guilty of sexual assault, psychological manipulation and bullying many female athletes of me throughout the years.

Coach Stefan Lurz has just resigned after accusing him of raping and sexually abusing many German football players

The 43-year-old has just resigned but still denied that he was messing with his students: “Over the past 10 years, I have faced the same accusations over and over again. I still will. continue to deny these baseless allegations “.

Stefan Lurz is the brother and former coach of Thomas Lurz, who won a silver medal at the 2012 Olympics in London, four years after winning a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics and ending his career with 7 world championship titles.

Federer is likely to clash with Djokovic in Dubai

As planned, Roger Federer will return to play next month after fully recovering from physical strength after two surgery to injure his right knee last year. “Express train” will start the 2021 season by attending the Qatar Open (March 8-13). After that, he will compete at the Dubai Tennis Championships, the hard court tournament in Dubai (Abu Dhabi) will kick off on March 14.

This is the tournament that Novak Djokovic is the defending champion after winning Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-3, 6-4 in the final last year. If this year the world’s No. 1 Serbian continues to compete to defend the throne, he may clash with longtime rival Federer.

The former Tour de France runner-up quit the race in the UAE because her first daughter was born

The Marca Daily said that famous Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán has confirmed on his personal Twitter page that he will not attend the UAE Tour on February 21-27 because he is busy with his wife, Michelle Durango. , to welcome their first daughter into the world. This little girl is named Carlota.

Rigoberto Urán is a famous crab that has won runner-up at world famous cycling races such as Giro d’Italia 2013, 2014 and Tour de France 2017.

Halep does not believe Serena “retires early”

After Serena Williams lost to Naomi Osaka 3-6, 4-6 in the 2021 Australian Open women’s singles semi-finals, many public opinion said that the American living legend might retire soon. However, according to colleague Simona Halep, this is unfounded.

Sharing in an interview in her hometown of Romania, Halep said: “I haven’t had the chance to read news about anything related to Serena, but I don’t think she will retire now.”

Boxing star Canelo Alvarez shows off “big car” for $ 4 million

On his personal Instagram page, famous boxer Canelo Alvarez has just posted a photo of him sitting in front of the nose of a brand new red sports car. This is a car with a current market price of no less than 4 million dollars and is a “rare product” when the manufacturer has only released 499 units since its first launch in 2013.

The hottest sports in the morning of February 21: a famous coach accused of forcing many female athletes - 3

Boxing star Canelo Alvarez dared to have a huge “steed”

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Osaka won the Australian Open quickly, setting up a series of remarkable milestones

(Sports News, Tennis News) With the subjugation of Jennifer Brady in the Australian Open women’s singles final (Australia Open), …


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