The hottest sport on the morning of May 21: Logan Paul confidently defeated Mayweather for 4 reasons

Friday, May 21, 2021 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports News) American YouTuber strongly claims that he can beat “lonely and defeat” for these 4 reasons.

Logan Paul confidently beat Mayweather for 4 reasons

On the Daily Show, Logan Paul affirmed that he is very confident to beat Floymayweather thanks to his many advantages such as weight, height, youth, in addition to the extremely rigorous training process.

Logan Paul confidently defeated Mayweather thanks to the advantage of bodybuilding, youth

“I weigh over 14kg, I’m taller, I’m half the age of Mayweather (Logan Paul is 26, Mayweather is 44) and I train like crazy, anything is possible. I want to fight Mayweather to have a good story to tell to future children,” Logan Paul announced.

“Nadal, Federer began to fear juniors”

In an interview with Industria del Tenis, former No. 2 ATP player Alex Corretja said that the gap between Djokovic, Federer and Nadal and the rest is increasingly narrowing. That is reflected in the fact that the Big 3 group is suffering more and more failures, even though they are still defaulted as the champion candidate in each tournament they attend.

“The players are getting closer to Djokovic, Federer and Nadal. Despite Djokovic’s Australian Open title, the Big 3 are starting to find it difficult to attend tournaments,” Corretja said.

To win Roland Garros, Nadal must improve this

Francisco Roig, a member of Rafael Nadal’s coaching staff, said that “Gaurs” still have to improve their mobility and serve if they want to continue to conquer the Roland Garros title. However, Mr. Roig noted that these points were partly perfected by Nadal in the Rome Masters final, where he defeated Djokovic.

Max Verstappen worried before Monaco GP

Max Verstappen fears he and the Red Bull team will experience their toughest weekend since the start of the season at the Monaco GP, after finishing fourth in the test run. According to the Belgian driver: “Our team is much slower than other racing teams, not just a little bit”.


The hottest sport on the evening of May 20: Youtuber Jake Paul suddenly had the opportunity to compete for the IBF title

(Sports news) Thought only to “earn fame”, but Jake Paul was officially acknowledged. Since the beginning of the year…


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