The hottest sport on the morning of July 13: Djokovic won Wimbledon, what did Nadal say?

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 00:04 AM (GMT+7)

(Sports News) The duo of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal all simultaneously congratulated the 20th Grand Slam title of “great rival” Novak Djokovic.

Federer & Nadal simultaneously congratulate Djokovic

World No. 1 player Novak Djokovic has just been crowned at Wimbledon 2021 to reach the record of 20 Grand Slam titles that the duo Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are holding. After making a memorable feat, Nole received many congratulations from colleagues, including Federer and Nadal.

Djokovic has equaled the record of 20 Grand Slam titles with two “great rivals”

‚ÄúCongratulations to Djokovic on this 20th title. I am proud to have the opportunity to compete in a special era of tennis champions. Great performance,” Federer wrote on Twitter. Meanwhile, Nadal also shared: “Congratulations to Djokovic on this incredible achievement. 20 Grand Slam titles is a huge milestone and it is great that we are 3 players holding this record.”

Osaka reveals grief after Kobe Bryant’s death

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka has admitted feeling deeply saddened by the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. In the documentary about her, the world No. 2 female tennis player had to ask herself: “How can I continue to keep the spiritual fire that Kobe Bryant instilled in her in sports?”

“I used to not text him because I didn’t want to feel like a failure. Now I will never have a chance to talk to him again,” Naomi Osaka emotional shared about the fact that she did not. Talk to Kobe Bryant when this legend was alive.

Barty aims to win Olympic gold

World No. 1 female tennis player Ashleigh Barty has set her sights on winning the Tokyo Olympic gold medal after winning this year’s Wimbledon. The Australian tennis star won her second Grand Slam title at the All England Club after beating Karolina Pliskova 6-3, 6-7, 6-3 in the final.

“Representing Australia at the Olympics is going to be an amazing experience and the important thing in the next step is that I need to do something really special to celebrate the Wimbledon title. It would be great if like it’s the upcoming Olympic gold medal,” Barty told Australian media.

Fernando Alonso teases Lewis Hamilton over role at Mercedes

The youngest driver ever to win the world, Fernando Alonso, has confirmed that Lewis Hamilton is gradually losing his voice at the Mercedes team. Previously, there was information that Hamilton would not be able to choose his own teammates or have an opinion about choosing a partner in the 2022 season. According to Alonso, this is true because the German team itself is currently racing. gradually wanted to reduce Hamilton’s role before getting used to the prospect of not having this driver in the future.


Djokovic is

(Sports news, tennis news) With the Wimbledon championship, the 20th Grand Slam in his career, many viewers confidently affirmed…


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