The hottest sport on the morning of December 12: 2 shameful American stars on the hockey field

(Sports News) A fight like the one on the UFC arena took place in an ice rink match in the US Major Hockey League (NHL) that made the fans feel shocked.

American sports scandal: 2 hockey stars punch each other right on the field

Recently, Marca (Spain) newspaper published a video clip recording the scene of two male hockey players Zdeno Chara and Yakov Trenin punching each other fiercely in the match New York Islanders lost to Nashville Predators 3-4 at the gymnasium. UBS Arena in Elmont (New York) at the American Professional Hockey League (NHL).

Zdeno Chara and Yakov Trenin in shameful brawl

One of them was wounded in the face and was bleeding profusely. Witnessing the embarrassing scandal between Chara (New York Islanders) and Trenin (Nashville Predators), many fans of this tournament were stunned.

Video of the melee between two hockey players Zdeno Chara and Yakov Trenin:

Nadal invites his best friend to be his teacher

A source from Marca said that Rafael Nadal has just added to his coaching staff a famous figure. That’s Marc Lopez. The 39-year-old doubles expert will be Nadal’s third coach next season, alongside Carlos Moya and Francis Roig.

Marc Lopez is a close friend of Rafael Nadal. The duo have won five titles together, including a gold medal in men’s doubles at the Rio 2016 Olympics. Lopez will train Nadal at the Australian Open in early 2022.

Verstappen won a great advantage over Hamilton in the race to decide the F1 championship

Max Verstappen (Red Bull team) just won the pole in the classification race at Abu Dhabi GP on Saturday (December 11) with the best time for a lap of 1 minute 22,109 seconds. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes team) ranked second with a record of 1 minute 22,480 seconds.

Tonight (December 12), the official race in Abu Dhabi GP will take place and decide whether one of two drivers, Verstappen or Hamilton, will be crowned the F1 world champion in the 2021 season. Currently, they have 369 together. 5 points on the individual standings this season. Verstappen temporarily leads when he has more wins than Hamilton (9 vs. 8).

Tennis legend Manolo Santana dies aged 83

According to Sport, Manolo Santana, a tennis legend and one of the greatest athletes in the history of Spanish sports, has just breathed his last in Marbella and lived 83 years old. During his lifetime, he won 4 Grand Slam championships (2 Roland Garros, 1 US Open and 1 Wimbledon).

Manolo Santana is also honorary president of the Madrid Open, the prestigious clay court event in his home country of Spain, ahead of Roland Garros.

The hottest sport on the morning of December 12: 2 American stars shamelessly fight on the hockey field - 3

Tennis legend Manolo Santana dies aged 83

“Bad boy” Tomic promises to stop messing around

Along with Nick Kyrgios, Bernard Tomic is also a “very talented” player of Australian tennis. Recently, in an interview with The Courier Mail, Tomic shared his desire to improve himself in order to improve next season.

The 17th-ranked tennis player said: “For the past two years, I don’t even know where I have been. I regret a lot of the stupid things I did in the past and I hope I end up having a good career. I’m not the stupid kid I used to be. And I think in the next two or three years I can achieve a place in the top 10 in the world.”


Djokovic made the tennis village

(Sports news, tennis news) Djokovic was defended by his colleagues after his “storm” actions in the tennis industry for the past 1 year.

According to Dang Duc (Synthesis) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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