The hottest sport on October 29: Ly Hoang Nam quickly entered the semi-finals of the Egyptian tournament

(Sports News) Ly Hoang Nam won 2-0 against Italian player Marco Miceli after only 1 hour of play.

Ly Hoang Nam quickly entered the semi-finals of the Egyptian tournament

On the afternoon of October 29, the number 1 Vietnamese player entered the men’s singles quarter-final match of the M15 Sharm El Sheikh tournament held in Egypt against Italian player Marco Miceli (782 ATP).

Before the opponent ranked 158 places above him, Hoang Nam entered the game better to break in the 4th game and took a 3-1 lead. What happened after that was extremely unpredictable when the two players took turns breaking the opponent’s serve game. However, Hoang Nam was still the better player when he got 3 breaks in the first set to win 6-3.

Hai Dang Tay Ninh’s player continued to shock Marco Miceli when he soon won the first two breaks in the second set and led 4-0. After the Italian opponent recovered a game, Hoang Nam won the next 2 games to win the final 6-1, thereby winning 2-0 after only 1 hour of play.

This result helped Hoang Nam win a place in the semi-finals. His opponent is 7th seed Canadian Kelsey Stevenson (735 ATP).

Thu Nhi can’t bring the WBO belt to Vietnam yet

Nguyen Thi Thu Nhi has delighted the Boxing community in the country, as well as made a mark for Vietnamese boxing on the world boxing map with the title of WBO world champion in the mini flyweight category on October 23. However, she has not been able to bring the prestigious WBO world title that she has just won to Vietnam because this boxer will immediately focus on the 2021 world boxing championship in Turkey taking place in December. Thu Nhi will only have short period of 2 weeks training in Uzbekistan to prepare for this tournament.

Mike Tyson stutters when talking about rumored match with Logan Paul

A few days ago, Mike Tyson attracted attention when he announced that he would return to the ring in February 2022. According to British media, the opponent of “Iron Fist” will probably be Youtuber Logan Paul – who is 29 years younger than the former world champion. In a recent interview, Mike shared about this information.

“I’m being asked about rumors of a match with Logan. Maybe that match will happen. You know, I’m old too. I don’t know what I can do at the moment. Anything is possible. Because, we also set a goal for charity. In competition, we will be able to support a lot for charities, “said Mike.

UFC STAR reveals shock that always wants to kill people

Sean Strickland is a well-known mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in the middle of the UFC. Recently, the 30-year-old American star revealed on the TV show The MMA Hour that he is always obsessed with killing his opponents.

UFC fighter Sean Strickland admits he always wants to kill others

“I want to kill someone all my life. That’s the main reason I don’t have an extroverted life. It’s like when I go out and get arrested, I just want to be. There’s something in me. told me that if I could kill one person, it would make me feel good for a little while,” admitted Strickland.

Shocked the world sports stars refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine: Not only Djokovic

Marca daily newspaper recently published a list of many famous athletes of the world sports who still do not accept the Covid-19 vaccine injection into their body. Notably, Novak Djokovic, Dominic Thiem and Stefanos Tsitsipas (tennis), Joshua Kimmich (soccer), Kyrie Irving (basketball), Bryson DeChambeau (golf) or DeAndre Hopkins (American rugby)…

American sports “wake up” with suspicions of sexual assault exposed

Kyle Beach, a former Chicago Blackhawks hockey player and currently playing in Germany, has accused one of his former coaches, Brad Aldrich, of sexually assaulting him. in the past. According to Beach, the Chicago Blackhawks deliberately covered up this case for fear of affecting the identity of the club.

The boxer was punched and deformed his face, making the phone unrecognizable

Rico Verhoeven has just knocked out opponent Jamal Ben Saddik to successfully defend his heavyweight title at the “Glory: Collision 3” event.

When asked by reporters whether his phone’s facial technology could still recognize him, Verhoeven took out his phone to check. He said: “I don’t know either, let me try… Oh, the phone doesn’t recognize me anymore. This injury is the worst.” Verhoeven then thanked the medical staff who helped sew up the wound on his left eye so he could continue playing.

Respect for the late-stage cancer golfer who still plays the PGA Tour

Golfer Brian Morris, 53, is suffering from metastatic cancer because of an incurable brain malignancy. However, this “old man” still attended the PGA Tour at the Bermuda Championship, the golf tournament taking place from October 28 to 31.

“The results don’t matter,” Morris told “The sponsor understands how determined I am to continue to live and pursue my career. And I am here to set an example and inspire others to strive. I believe an optimistic attitude is better than that. even miracle cures”.

Murray vows not to be eliminated soon again

After letting Carlos Alcaraz beat him in the second round of the Vienna Open, Andy Murray was still determined when he recently announced that he would do everything to not be eliminated from the tournaments in the near future.

“I won’t lose forever in round 2 or round 3 of tournaments. I will improve and I will have new breakthroughs in the coming weeks and months,” said former world No.

The hottest sport on October 29: Ly Hoang Nam quickly entered the semi-finals of the Egyptian tournament - 3

Andy Murray

Shapovalov does not think he is inferior to the “three heroes” of the new generation

Although public opinion has viewed Stefanos Tsitsipas, Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev as players with the potential to become the new dominant force in tennis when Nadal and Djokovic are past their peak, Canadian tennis player Denis Shapovalov recently voiced that I am not inferior to the 3 people above.

“I don’t think they’re better than me, I’ve also reached the semifinals of a Grand Slam and my head-to-head record with them is pretty close,” Shapovalov said.

Jake Paul criticized the black female boxer, calling it “fake” like McGregor.

Claressa Shields received her first defeat in the MMA ring of her career with a loss to Abigail Montes, which is a remarkable result because Shields has not lost a single match since 2012 whether it is MMA or boxing, and she won a gold medal in boxing at the Olympics. Having already held animosity in the past, YouTuber Jake Paul recently took this opportunity to disparage Shields: “She’s always been the kind of fake boxer like McGregor, taking her time to disparage me instead of me. learn jiu-jitsu properly”.

Former F1 driver criticizes racing teams

Driver Nico Hulkenberg recently said that he may never return to F1 racing because of the obstruction of some racing teams. Hulkenberg used to be one of F1’s potential drivers but has now quit the game to switch to IndyCar, he said, “The drivers will have to be very lucky to get promoted, because the racing teams are the ones making the decisions. decisions and sometimes they will make confusing mistakes”.


Latest sports news on the evening of October 28: Ly Hoang Nam entered the quarterfinals of the Egyptian tournament

(Sports News) Ly Hoang Nam suffocatedly won the 5th seed to enter the quarterfinals of the Egyptian tournament.

According to QD (General) (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)


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