The hottest night of sports on 5/5: Djokovic goes out in Bosnia Herzegovina

Wednesday, 05/05/2021 20:00 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) While his direct opponents were playing at the Madrid Open, Djokovic opted to travel in Bosnia.

Djokovic goes out in Bosnia Herzegovina

While Nadal, Thiem or Medvedev are playing at the Madrid Open, Novak Djokovic chooses to travel to Bosnia. According to the Serbian player, the annual trip to Bosnia helps Nole “have more strength” to improve his performance, especially at the upcoming Roland Garros.

Novak Djokovic

Star F1 returned to the track after a terrible accident

Romain Grosjean, the driver with a serious hand injury after a terrible crash in Bahrain GP six months ago, will return to F1 race next month. According to the F1 homepage, Romain Grosjean will be the Mercesdes’ special racing driver at French GP 2021 (June 29). However, this will likely be the last time a 35-year-old French driver has raced F1.

The PGA Tour reacted “harshly” like FIFA

PGA Tour organizers have sent warnings to all of the world’s top golfers, according to the media. Accordingly, they will receive an immediate suspension and even ban forever from the PGA Tour tournaments if they agree to participate in the Super Golf League proposed by Saudi Arabia. Like the Super League in football, the Super Golf League is expected to begin in 2022 bringing together the strongest golfers and separating the PGA Tour.

“Greek goddess” continues to shine in the NBA

In a series of two consecutive matches between Milwaukee Bucks and Brooklyn Nets, “Greek god” Giannis Antetokounmpo played extremely well. In the match on May 3, the Greek striker had 49 points to help the Bucks win 117-114 against the Nets.

Antetokounmpo continued to shine in the match this morning (5/5) with 39 points and Bucks won the second consecutive win with the score 124-118. Just one more victory, the Bucks will win tickets to the Playoffs NBA 2020/21.

Mayweather had to humble herself against YouTuber for money

Floyd Mayweather has always “kept prices” since retirement. Used to make billions of dollars and live an emperor’s life, but it seems “Lonely and defeated” is having to start over.

The hottest night of sports on May 5: Djokovic goes out in Bosnia Herzegovina - 3

Mayweather will fight Logan Paul

Recently, the Daily Express confirmed that Mayweather had accepted the offer of “playing a show” with Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber in the US on June 6. This newspaper said, Mayweather’s wealth is rapidly shrinking and that is the reason why the boxer who owns a series of 50 victories in his career must return to the top.

The 71-year-old super-weightlifting grandmother does something amazing that many young people admire

At the age of 71, Mary Carney – an American female weightlifting athlete can still easily lift more than 100 kg barbell very easily. This Connecticut star was once the world champion and holds more than 30 records for lifting weights.

The hottest night of sports on 5/5: Djokovic goes out in Bosnia Herzegovina - 4

Mary Carney has made significant changes in physique and improved health after lifting heavy weights

Mary only started the sport when she was 59 years old. The death of her mother made Mary devastated and uncontrollable weight gain. She started weightlifting to lose weight and then followed professional athlete career in the subject.

Video of Mrs. Mary Carney lifting heavy weights makes young people admire

Super old tennis world tennis re-export, Federer and Nadal must respect

Gail Falkenberg – the American female tennis player who attended the Australian Open qualifiers in 1988 and climbed to 360 world, retired at the age of 43. But now, she has just returned to play professionally at the age of 74. According to the newspaper Marca, Ms. Falkenberg just played in the first round of the ITF tournament in Naples (Italy). Unfortunately, in this match, she lost to French rival Tiphanie Fiquet (54 years old) after 2 sets with the same score 0-6.

However, the 74-year-old “old lady” Gail Falkenberg’s comeback has made many junior stars like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal secretly admired.

The world’s oldest woman was stripped of her right to carry the Olympic torch

The organizers of the Tokyo Summer Olympics have confirmed that the world’s oldest citizen, Ms. Kane Tanaka (118 years old) will not attend the Olympic torch relay cruise. Before that, as expected, this special woman was given the responsibility of carrying the Olympic sacred torch in her hometown of Shime, Fukuoka province on May 11 with her family members.

Although Ms. Tanaka is still in good health, she was deprived of the right to process the sacred fire of the Olympics because she had to undergo two weeks of quarantine according to the Covid-19 epidemic prevention regulations.

The famous Italian crab has been banned for 3 years because of doping

Recently, the International Bicycle Federation (UCI) has just issued a 3-year ban on the competition with Matteo Spreafico. The reason is that the 28-year-old Italian racer violated the anti-doping rule (ADRV) when two of his samples showed the presence of the banned substance Enobosarm (Ostarine) when conducting a doping test in cycling. prestigious Giro d’Italia 2020 on October 15 and 16, 2020. Spreafico’s ban on competition took place from October 22 of last year and will expire on October 21, 2023.

F1 race in Monaco welcomed a large audience again

The Principality of Monaco government announced on Tuesday (May 4) that the official race day of the Grand Prix in the country taking place on May 23 will welcome 7,500 spectators to watch live at the competition. Circuit de Monaco. All spectators coming here will have to undergo PCR test and if negative for SARS-CoV-2 virus, they will be able to attend this race.

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