The highest volleyball leg at SEA Games 31: Where is Thanh Thuy ranked?

(Sports news, volleyball news) The Vietnamese team contributes two faces in the top 5 of the tallest female volleyball players who will compete in the upcoming 31st SEA Games.

Clip images of Thanh Thuy playing for PFU Blue Cats:

Alyja Daphne Santiago (Philippines, 195 cm tall)

With a height of 1m95, “the pearl of the Philippine volleyball village” Alyja Daphne Santiago is the tallest athlete at the upcoming 31st SEA Games. The 26-year-old female athlete is known for her comprehensive play in both the position of the master and the assistant in the middle of the net. She has extensive international competition experience having played in the Japanese national championship.

Alyja Daphne Santiago is the tallest female volleyball player in SEA Games

Especially last season, Alyja Daphne Santiago was considered a notorious “blocker” when he won 100 points to block the ball in 120 sets, thereby winning the title of the best blocker in the National Championship.

This hot girl will definitely be the most formidable name that the Philippine women’s volleyball team brings to the 31st SEA Games. Previously at the 30th SEA Games at home, she also entered the top 5 best smashers in the tournament.

Tran Thi Thanh Thuy (193 cm tall)

Athlete with the height of the “Dinosaur” type of Vietnamese volleyball, Thanh Thuy is definitely the number 1 hope of the Vietnamese women’s team at the upcoming SEA Games. Thanh Thuy has shown impressive stats in the PFU Blue Cats shirt at the Japanese national championship with extensive international experience in the Thai tournament.

The female owner born in 1997 with the captain’s armband is expected to create a connection and inspiration for her teammates to defend the goal of winning silver, or further, towards the historic SEA Games gold medal.

The highest

The owner of the number 1 VN Tran Thi Thanh Thuy

Especially with the recent experiences in Japan, fans expect to see a Thanh Thuy who not only plays more powerfully but also more comprehensively. Currently, Thanh Thuy is trying hard to practice to be able to integrate with the team’s playstyle as quickly as possible to make up for the late concentration time. Many Vietnamese volleyball fans are waiting for Thanh Thuy’s performance at the SEA Games at home.

Dell Palomata (Philippines, height 191 cm)

With Palomata having a height of 191 cm and playing very well in the auxiliary position, the Philippines team has a formidable pair of cards over 1m90 in both offensive and defensive fronts.

The highest

1m91 tall assistant Dell Palomata

With Palomata and Alyja Daphne Santiago (1m95 height), the Philippines’ defense with a “terrible” range is definitely not a simple problem for the rest of the teams. This is also the basis for the leader of the Philippine Volleyball Federation to bluntly declare that this national team is aiming for this year’s SEA Games gold medal.

Palomata was born in 1995 and is currently the mainstay at PLDT Home Fibr High Speed ​​Hitters, the Philippines’ professional women’s volleyball team.

Nguyen Thi Bich Tuyen (188 cm tall)

Like the Philippines, the Vietnamese team has an attacking duo with impressive strength and height, which is Bich Tuyen and Thanh Thuy. If Thanh Thuy has been a mainstay in the national team for many years, Bich Tuyen is considered an interesting phenomenon of Vietnamese volleyball over the past time.

The highest

“Score machine” Bich Tuyen

In April 2021, Bich Tuyen broke the world record when scoring 61 points in the home team’s victory over Than Quang Ninh. She surpassed the previous record of Cuban male athlete Leonardo Leyva (59 points). At recent top national tournaments, Bich Tuyen has always been one of the most powerful smashers with powerful smashes from above with a bounce of more than 3m.

Katrina Mae Tolentino (Philippines, height 187 cm)

Philippine women’s volleyball continues to contribute another name in the top 5 tallest athletes in the SEA Games, which is the Filipino-Canadian female athlete Katrina Mae Tolentino. The 27-year-old female athlete plays in the opposite position, is wearing the Choco Mucho Flying Titans shirt at the Premier League volleyball tournament (Philippines).

The highest

Katrina Mae Tolentino veteran passer-by

Last season, she was voted as the best female opponent of the tournament. Although she has been injured many times, Katrina’s efforts to return to training, seriousness in competition and seasoned experience are considered to be of great help to the Philippines team at SEA Games 31.


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