The hero of Vietnamese women’s volleyball is a man and historical prostitution

Friday, March 12, 2021 10:16 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, volleyball news) The fact that Aprilia Manganang in the Indonesian women’s volleyball team, in the team that won the Vietnamese women’s team in the 2017 SEA Games semi-final, was being revealed as a male that shook East volleyball village. South Asia. The world of sports has seen many cases of male and female athletes and extreme penalties.

On March 9, Southeast Asian women’s volleyball fans got to know the true gender of Aprilia Manganang (Indonesia), which is one of the best owners at the SEA Games since 2015.

Manganang discovered that he was a man from March 2021

In the past, all cases of “boyizing” to compete had received very heavy penalties, but Manganang’s case may be an exception. Because according to Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Zainudin Amali, this is a case that all are not desirable.

“Aprilia herself didn’t realize she was a man either. All previous medical examinations showed she was female. So I don’t think it was his (his) fault. An examination in February 2021 (by a group of doctors in RSAD, Jakarta) to determine the true sex of Manganang, “Amali told Jawapos.

Indeed, Manganang is just a “victim” she was “trapped” in her own body. Maybe Manganang was aware of being a man, but from the very beginning he was raised to become a woman.

'Hung god'  Vietnamese women's volleyball is a man & historic

Caster Semenya, whose body is like a man, is still debating about this athlete’s true gender

The case of Manganang reminds the sports world of Caster Semenya (South Africa), the athlete has a male-like body, has a very high male hormone (testosterone) but it has not reached the threshold of men. This is the reason why Semenya is still able to attend and win high results in women’s tournaments, but now she has been banned from playing because she possesses too high a male hormone.

Let’s review the cases of “boys and girls” that rocked world sports history:

'Hung god'  Vietnamese women's volleyball is a man & historic

Dora Ratjen, a German male athlete who dressed up as a woman to attend the 1936 Olympics and then won the 1937 world athletics medal, everything was revealed only when the late athlete was denounced by the opponent and the test. later tests showed that Dora was a real man. Ratjen’s performance was subsequently wiped out

'Hung god'  Vietnamese women's volleyball is a man & historic

Stella Walsh (right) denounced her rival Helen Stephens (left) in 1936 after talking and learning that the opponent was a man, but after the Olympic committee entered an examination, Stephens had her genitals. female. But 40 years after Helen Stephens was shot dead in Ohio (USA), an autopsy revealed the former athlete had “bisexual” genitals.

'Hung god'  Vietnamese women's volleyball is a man & historic

Poland’s Ewa Klobukowska attended the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, winning gold and breaking the women’s record of 100 meters. After suspecting that Ewa was a man, the organizers conducted a chromosome test, they declared her a man and stripped her of the Olympic HCV, banned from playing in the women’s tournaments. Ewa called it the “dirty, stupid” result. She had one son in 1968. Thirty years later, the IOC returned the medal that belonged to her

'Hung god'  Vietnamese women's volleyball is a man & historic

After a chromosomal examination, Spanish athlete Martínez Patino was also allegedly male and she was kicked out of the Spanish team for the 1986. “I lost my friends and fiancé. I am a woman, because I have all the organs I need. I never cheated, “Martinez once said.

'Hung god'  Vietnamese women's volleyball is a man & historic

Just like Martínez Patino, despite living as a daughter from a young age, Santhi Soundarajan (India) has been suspected of being a man, she was stripped of her HCB from athletics at the 2006 Games for her organization. officials claim to be a man

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