The Hell of Mariupol | Video shows gunfire in war zone

Source: Reuters

Images released by the Azov regiment are said to show an exchange of fire at a compound in the embattled Ukrainian port of Mariupol. The regiment is one of several volunteer battalions fighting pro-Russian separatists in the Ukraine conflict since 2014. The relatives of the Ukrainian fighters in the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol have again asked the government in Kyiv to save the soldiers. There is a new round of negotiations on a roadmap for an evacuation operation, the Ukrainian government said. We work closely with the Red Cross and the United Nations. Turkey has also offered to act as a mediator between Russia and Ukraine in the negotiations. The government in Kyiv believes that tens of thousands of people may have been killed in Mariupol since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. In the city, the supply of food, water, electricity and heating has been interrupted for weeks. In a video message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy accused Russia of increasing attacks on schools and health facilities. More than 100 hospitals were completely destroyed, Zelenskyj said. Russia suffered a tactical defeat in Ukraine, but refuses to admit it.


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