The hardest working person in England

Vanessa Rochester takes one hour of moonlight hiking, canoeing, rock climbing and driving.

Vanessa and her family were the only ones living on a remote island on the west coast of Scotland. They moved here in 2016 and stayed in a small 17th-century house. Her husband runs the island for the host family and she takes care of the elderly in Lochaber.

Regardless of the weather, Vanessa still goes to work. She wakes up at 5:45 a.m. if she works the day shift. After kissing her husband and son goodbye, Vanessa began walking a mile and a half. She walked down the path, through the woods with beech and Scothch pines to reach the south of the island. The female nursing home worker pulled the plastic boat into the water, rowing across the fast flowing water. If she works the night shift, the moon and stars light her way.

In the afternoon, the small boat helps the female staff to take care of the elderly across the river. Image: SWNS.

The boating trip takes only five minutes on a calm day, but longer if the storm is unlucky. After that, Vanessa got in a car and drove to work.

The commute was so bad that she once had to go back to the island. The mother of one gave up the boat, climbed the cliff, passed through the quagmire and helplessly called for help from her husband.

Her husband, Jess, 48, hastily carried his son on his back, heading north. He agrees with his wife to light a torch to help her locate. Finally, Vanessa spotted a beam of light. “It turns out I’m still on the island, but got lost and headed in the opposite direction,” she breathed.

Vanessa has to row a boat on her way to work.

Vanessa has to row a boat on her way to work. SWNS.

The wife finds her way to her husband, then continues her journey to work on a leaked boat “but can still be used if rowing fast enough”. She claims to be the person with the UK’s hardest journey to work.

“But I really love my job. I love working with the elderly, meeting a lot of other people – a job that is not easy to find,” she said conscientiously.

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