The habit of disinfecting from the distances

Complying with the 5K recommendation, the habits of frequent hand washing, disinfecting utensils … have gradually become an indispensable part of people.

Disinfect everyday objects

Despite entering a new normal, disinfection still needs to be done regularly. There are many tools to make disinfecting more convenient, such as easy-to-carry hand sanitizer sprays, or cloth bags with separate compartments for convenient hand washing.

Hand sanitizer and more disinfectant chemicals became necessary. Photo: Shutterstock

Besides washing hands after returning from public places, people also need to clean the items they carry. Clothes and fabrics are high-risk surfaces for bacteria and viruses. When carried with you, fabrics such as bags or backpacks can be placed in many places that are difficult to notice. For clothes such as coats, hats, hats, helmets… the contamination of bacteria is unavoidable.

Although there is no exact study on the viability of viruses and bacteria on fabrics, especially the Covid-19 virus, it is essential to disinfect items used every day.

Items that come in contact every day harbor many harmful bacteria.  Image source?

Items that come in contact every day harbor many harmful bacteria. Photo: Shutterstock

Choosing disinfectant products

Disinfectant solutions are chosen by many people for families not only to wash hands but also to disinfect surfaces. A number of pharmaceutical companies launch a variety of products from spray to topical to suit usage habits. However, for fabrics, now the way many families choose is to wash or use an antibacterial spray. However, this is not an effective method because of many limitations.

When disinfecting sprays use disinfectant chemicals attached to a spray device, the spray often consumes chemicals, and it is difficult to verify the effectiveness of clothes and fabrics that are really clean or not.

With washing to disinfect, for example, for masks, traditional methods such as hand washing and drying will take about 1 day, and may be affected by weather, it will take longer. For homes that can use a dryer, the process can take from 1 to 2 hours. Washing and drying clothes and fabrics after going out on the street causes many difficulties and takes more effort because there are many types of items that are difficult to clean such as hats / hats, helmets. Not to mention a lot of exposure to chemicals or a lot of force during washing and drying will affect the durability of the fabric.

Solution for cleaning and disinfecting clothes quickly

Faced with the need to care and protect clothes every day, especially in the context of the epidemic, the need for disinfection on fabrics increases, LG launches a smart clothes care cabinet – LG Styler to help disinfect quickly with steam Water friendly and efficient.

LG Styler modern colors, suitable for any space.  Photo: LG Styler

LG Styler modern colors, suitable for any space. Photo: LG Styler

With a superior design, hot steam up to 100 degrees Celsius will spray directly on clothes, helping to remove bacteria and unpleasant odors, including difficult-to-wash fabrics such as bags and backpacks. Gentle horizontal movement helps to shake off dirt and makes it easier for steam to penetrate. LG Styler is also equipped with a low-temperature drying system to limit the risk of damage to clothes such as shrinking, shrinking, and this system also helps clothes reduce wrinkles effectively.

In modern life, especially in the current context of 5K implementation, many costumes and accessories are worn even lightly when going out, choosing LG Styler for cleaning and disinfection will be faster than the traditional way. ensure more effective fabric protection than before. Many fabrics that are difficult to wash such as hats, blankets, pillows that need to be cleaned periodically, now with LG Styler, users can clean them every day without much effort.

LG Styler currently has 3 product lines suitable for the space of every family.

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