The great fatigue of Stéphane Richard, the king of Orange

Of course, he always has that same smile, which he wears in all circumstances. But his features are drawn. And to those he has met lately, Stéphane Richard had these few words: “It’s been a tough week. “ On June 11, the boss of Orange presented to his board of directors the results of the internal investigation into the breakdown of the telephone network which made all emergency numbers inaccessible on June 2 – at least five deaths are then occurred, unable to reach 15, 18 or 112.

The investigation confirms a “bug” on equipment from the service provider Italtel and highlights the dilapidated state of the French emergency system, neglected by successive governments. However, the State insisted on showing that it was still “the” boss of this privatized company in which it still holds 23% of the capital. Several ministers have questioned the responsibility of what they still call “France Telecom” and Gerald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior, summoned Stéphane Richard before lecturing him in the media.

The industrial accident – which already happened in 2004 exactly the same way “, recalls a former France Telecom – appears as a new disappointment for the CEO in place for more than ten years. The tile too much for the man who wonders about the renewal of his mandate, scheduled for next year?

“He gets out of all situations by seduction! “

The boss knows that he is no longer in the odor of sanctity. “He made his

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