The government introduces a penalty for large SUVs, adapting a proposal from the citizens’ convention

It was a request formulated by the citizens’ convention for the climate (CCC). The government will establish a “Weight penalty” on the heaviest vehicles to fight against the increase in the fleet and its environmental impact, announced Thursday Barbara Pompili.

Cyril Dion: “If the Elysee rejects citizens’ proposals on the climate, it will have the effect of a bomb”

If the penalty was requested for a lower threshold of 1,400 kg, the measure “Despite everything going in the right direction”, estimated Grégoire Fraty, co-president of the association “Les 150” which brings together 130 of the 150 citizens of the CCC.

“It’s good that we finally ask ourselves the question: should we always produce bigger and heavier? “, expressed Grégoire Fraty.

Adjustments for large families

“The weight penalty that we are introducing is a strong and necessary signal to better take into account the ecological footprint of the heaviest vehicles”, tweeted the Minister of Ecological Transition. There will be “Adjustments” for large families, as requested by the CCC, as well as a ” exoneration “ for electric vehicles, she said.

Why Macron gave a green boost

“The heavier vehicle fleet means more materials and energy consumed, more pollution, less available public space”, she expressed.

10 euros per kilo over 1,800 kg

Taxation, which should be the subject of an amendment to the 2021 finance bill, will be 10 euros per kilo beyond 1,800 kg, the ministry told AFP.

It is therefore “To send a strong signal”, advance the entourage of the minister, for whom “It is an incentive not to overconsume very large, very heavy models, but also an incentive for the entire industry to take more account of the entire ecological footprint of their products, and not just emissions “.

A citizens’ convention drawn by lot, does it work?

“We finally have the impression of winning an arbitration”, Grégoire Fraty told AFP, while Les 150 sent a letter Monday to Emmanuel Macron to deplore the lack of “Clear support” government for their proposals.

“A historic government arbitration”

Last week, the NGO WWF published a report estimating ” incompatible “ the growth of the SUV market while respecting French commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Can Macron recycle himself as a green?

Following this announcement, the NGO welcomed this “Historic government arbitration which recognizes the need to take into account the weight of cars to curb the meteoric growth of SUVs in France for ten years”.

She nevertheless regretted that this only concerns one “Niche” of the heaviest SUVs, the average vehicle weight in France being 1,240 kg.

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