The golf lady was almost mistaken for a nude photo, the Olympic beauty received a surprise gift

(Sports news, Beauty behind the scenes news) Elena Vesnina, a Russian tennis player who has won the Olympic Games, was suddenly returned by thieves with two stolen noble medals. Meanwhile, another sports beauty had trouble taking beautiful photos.

The beauty of the Olympic champion was returned by the thief and received a surprise gift

Elena Vesnina is one of the talented Russian tennis players who is very charming with the Olympic arena. This girl won a gold medal in mixed doubles at the 2016 Rio Olympics and a silver medal in this content at the Tokyo Olympics last summer.

Vesnina was suddenly returned by a thief with 2 stolen Olympic medals and was also given a box of chocolates

Two weeks ago, Vesnina had burglars break into her home when she and her husband, Pavel Tabunstov, went out to dinner. Thieves broke into the safe and took away some valuable jewelry and two prestigious Olympic medals won by the 13th-ranked player in the world.

However, according to, a police source said that the medals were all secretly returned by thieves at a checkpoint in Moscow (Russia), where Vesnina is living. .

The source added that the thieves also unexpectedly gave the stolen victim a box of chocolates: “Along with returning the medals, they also left a box of chocolates. They also issued an apology written on a piece of paper. I can’t see what’s written on it, so I can’t say what it says.”

Meanwhile, Vesnina responded to rumors that she had been returned stolen items by the thief and also received chocolate candy: “I can’t confirm anything yet. Investigators are still busy. I have not received any information yet.”

Video of the seductive beauty of Russian tennis player Elena Vesnina:

Leerdam figure skater is angry at the person who ruined the beautiful photo

Jutta Leerdam is one of the most famous beauties of the Dutch skating village and the world. This beauty born in 1998 won the gold medal at the 2017 World Speed ​​Skating Championships in Helsinki (Finland) and was the runner-up at this year’s tournament 2018 in Salt Lake City (Utah state, USA).

On September 24, on Instagram, which attracted more than 724,000 subscribers “Follow”, Jutta Leerdam posted a photo showing off her long legs and sexy body while walking on a beautiful street. in the town of St. Moritz (Switzerland).

The golf woman was almost mistaken for a nude photo, the Olympic beauty "received a surprise gift"  - 3

Jutta Leerdam is angry because a strange man ruined her beautiful picture

However, this photo still doesn’t really make the 22-year-old Dutch woman happy when an unknown man accidentally entered the frame. Leerdam then posted a photo caption silently blaming this “disrupter”: “The man behind has stolen my shine”.

Outstanding beauty video of female speed skater Jutta Leerdam:

Chinese golf beauties show bold photos

In the world’s most prestigious women’s golf system, the LPGA Tour, Muni He is a name that stands out because of her Asian beauty. The golfer born in 1999 in Chengdu (Sichuan province, China) recently posted on her personal Instagram a bold photo showing off her body, making many fans at first glance think that she took artistic nude photos on the beach in Cong. beautiful Monaco.

The golf beauty was almost mistaken for a nude photo, Olympic beauty "received a surprise gift"  - 4

Muni He poses boldly by the beach in Monaco

In fact, He wore a two-piece bikini and had an interesting pose to “fool” the eyes of many people who saw this photo when she covered her first bust in a rather artistic “half-closed half-open” style. Artistic and equally alluring.


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