The goddess of Korean volleyball made millions of fans hold their breath, Miss athletics caused storms

Monday, February 22, 2021 00:10 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) The school violence scandal of twin sister Lee Da Yeong – Lee Jae Yeong made the Korean sports scene shiver.

Korean volleyball fans “hold their breath” waiting for a verdict

Once loved by the Korean volleyball world as well as the rest of the world, Lee Da Yeong’s sisters – Lee Jae Yeong are making fans disappointed. This twin sisters’ past school violence scandal could ruin their careers.

Lee Jae Yeong’s sisters (left) – Lee Da Yeong is causing a storm

The Lee sisters then tried to resolve the scandal. They openly apologized to the victim and at the same time wanted to be compensated for the emotional damage Da Yeong and Jae Yeong caused. However, the victim did not agree.

There are concerns that both Lee Da Yeong and Lee Jae Yeong will be permanently removed from the Korean volleyball scene. In addition, the Lee sisters may be fined from 10-20 million won (equivalent to 200-400 million VND).

The Korean Volleyball Federation is very headache with this incident. On February 16, they met for the first time, but have not come to a final decision. In the short term, the managerial club Heungkuk Life of Lee Da Yeong and Lee Jae Yeong has been sentenced to indefinitely ban from playing with the twins.

The athletic beauty won against Covid-19

Alica Schmidt is a cult name of the German sports industry as well as the athletics village around the world. Known for the talent and beauty that many people love, this 22-year-old girl also shows incredible professionalism, hard work, not afraid of the Covid-19 epidemic.

'Goddess'  Korean volleyball made millions of fans breathless, Miss athletics caused storms - 2

'Goddess'  Korean volleyball made millions of fans breathless, Miss athletics caused storms - 3

Alica Schmidt received many compliments on her personal Instagram page

Alica Schmidt was born on November 8, 1998, is currently a promising athlete in Germany. Besides, Alica is also famous for her strong body. In the 2017 Busted Coverage vote, Alica was voted “The sexiest female athlete on the planet”.

Despite being busy preparing for the Olympics Tokyo this year, Alica is still constantly updating fans’ photos, via her personal Instagram page. Alica’s Instagram page currently has the followers of 1.5 million people.

Russian beauty wants to be “silicone doll”

Elena Radionova used to be the leading Russian figure skating athlete, even winning a bronze medal in the world championship. But she unexpectedly retired at the age of 21, while at the peak of her career. Recently, Elena herself talked about her decision to retire, that she decided to stop because of a quite different passion.

'Goddess'  Korean volleyball made millions of fans breathless, Miss athletics caused storms - 4

'Goddess'  Korean volleyball made millions of fans breathless, Miss athletics caused storms - 6

Elena Radionova possesses a beauty that many people dream of

Although possessing a beauty that makes many people admire, but for Elena, that is not enough. She told the Daily Express: “I used to want to remove ribs. When I was young, I had a dream of change in ribs, cheeks and nose. I wanted to inject fillers into my lips and lift my breasts. I wanted to be a bud. silicone calf “.

Anyway, now she has given up this idea, but also gave up the career of skating which is very open.

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