The girl with the ‘strange face’ stepped over her fear

HanoiWith a deformity in her face, Tue Nga used to have a lot of fear and self-esteem, but she decided to face it to “step through it”, living a life like a normal person.

In the motel room, Tue Nga, 23 years old, sits in front of a camera phone, brushing a few strands of hair in front of her face, preparing to shoot a video posted on social networks. “Hello everyone, today I will review the book ‘Job Selection Handbook’. This is the first time I have recorded a video so nothing is wrong, I hope you sympathize,” said the girl from Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc, eyes sometimes down, shy look

When posting this video to a group of people who love to read books, Tue Nga (real name Nguyen Thi Nga) determined that this is a way to overcome the fear of stigma in appearance, but is not stopped by the deformed face of me. A few months old in Russia, her family members “treated” the blood clot in her mouth but caused serious complications. When the wound healed is also when Russia’s upper lip disappeared.

Tue Nga has scarred face due to complications of hemangioma. This event once caused the young girl to fall into a stalemate. Image: Characters provided.

After a day of posting, “work” of Russia suddenly received nearly 20 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. Most people praised her for being brave and grateful for being able to recommend a good book. “I told me, in order to be loved and respected by everyone, I must live a meaningful life. I’m happy that I have brought about something meaningful,” said the 23-year-old girl.

Previously, because of facial defects, Russia always had low self-esteem. But in the second year of university, the human resources student of the University of Commerce decided to “break through” by reserving her studies to go to work because she “found her world too small, needed to go out. to expand “.

In addition to the desire to explore, the “luggage” that Russia brings with it still has an obsession about its defects. Mr. Ngo Quang Khai, director of a Russian company that used to apply for a job, recalled: “During the interview, she asked me ‘If my face is like that, will you accept it?’

Once, walking on Quan Nhan Street, Tue Nga found everyone uncomfortable, but no one gave up. She stepped down the roadway, controlling traffic, guiding the movement and clearing the interlocking lanes. Mr. Khai accidentally witnessed it. “This is the story I remember the most. I am also in the traffic, also frustrated by traffic jam but could not do as her”, Mr. Khai said. The next day he praised her trainee in front of everyone, making her excited. “I feel valuable, not useless as thought”, Tue Nga said.

Participating in organizing events for the company, the girl with the scar in her mouth met many people, especially entrepreneurs. “I saw them dressed well, speaking fluently in front of a crowd, I admired them, thinking they were very far apart. But when I contacted, I saw them as close and as normal people. me, “said Nga. Looking at them, a desire to share hidden meanings suddenly arose.

Having gained valuable life lessons after a year at work, Russia returned to school. This time, she volunteered to present to the class. Your eager eyes and applause made Russia even more confident. “I got over my fears by going to my limits. I used to fear I couldn’t do it, but I did,” she said.

To Russia’s close friends, it was an astonishing “transformation”. One cannot forget the image of a girl wearing a mask during the four years of middle school, even sitting in class. Learning about “Mutation”, Nga sat at the end of the class crying, though no one touched it. She often fought with boys in class, as a way of protest when teased. “Suicidal intentions once appeared in my mind,” she said.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Loan, 53 years old, the girl’s mother, recalled: “At that time, I told my children to study well, they do not care about their appearance, but know that they are sad”.

Little friends, little girl make friends with books. During my three years of high school, my mother spent 20,000 dong for lunch, and Russia spent 15,000 to buy books. Books helped Russia overcome her loneliness and motivated her to become the only daughter of Loan’s four children to go to university. But then, she decided to quit human resource management. “Thanks to the book, I know what I like, what I hate”, the girl said the reason for both studying and working in the field of marketing love.

Russia found his closest friend is the books.  Thanks to them, the girl gradually gets rid of her own shell, becomes more confident and loves life.  Photo: Pham Nga.

Russia found his closest friend is the books. Thanks to them, the girl gradually gets rid of her own shell, becomes more confident and loves life. Image: Pham Nga.

In April 2020, under the influence of Covid-19, the girl lost her job. While sad and helpless, Steve Jobs’s words flashed through her mind: “If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do the things I would do?“Determining reading is passion, recommending good books to everyone is fun, Russia embarked on doing. Instead of writing, she chose to shoot video.” I wanted to step through my biggest fear for a long time. It is a matter of form, “Nga said.

How to overcome the fear of a girl with a strange face

A book introduction session by Tue Nga.

After the first positive reception, the girl makes videos every week to recommend good books. Now Nga speaks fluently and her eyes are more confident speaking in front of the phone screen.

Occasionally, Tue Nga received text messages waiting by strangers. “Thank you. I also have a child who has a bit of a physical problem, so I have a lot of self-esteem. Seeing it, I looked for your videos to show him”, a person who only knows Russia via social media.

Le Anh, 28, from Cau Giay, said he was surprised to see a video of a girl with a “strange face” confidently sharing books. “Although her face is not perfect, but Nga is confident, her way of speaking is methodical and coherent. Thanks to her, I am more interested in books and know many good books to read,” said the young man in the construction industry. build, say.

Tue Nga said that it was the messages and compliments of people on social networks that helped her to lessen her fear of taking off her mask. She also no longer annoyed when someone looked at her.

The Vinh Phuc girl is burning a dream of building her own bookstore and continues to make videos to introduce good books to everyone. After two surgeries with unexpected results, Russia thought it would never take another risk.

“But there are limits I think I should overcome. I am doing the third surgery. I hope that the scar, as well as my self-esteem, will soon fade,” Tue Nga said.

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