The girl lives slowly with a meal of 10,000 VND

hung YenOne year this year, Thu Huong gets up every day at 4am, reads books, exercises before cooking breakfast for the whole family.

The meal is cooked within half an hour. When the girl finished placing three bowls of brown rice, green beans, lotus seeds, shiitake-mushroom oat porridge and boiled vegetables on the dining table, parents sat in and started breakfast. Huong saved a part for lunch at work, in addition to rice and vegetables, also added corn, corn and a little fruit.

“From the day I learned about this diet, I feel that I eat everything I eat, my body is always clean, healthy and full of energy,” said Thu Huong, an employee of a bank in Pho Noi, Hung Yen. shall.

Like many young people, Thu Huong used to trade health and relationships in pursuit of money and fame. When she touched it, she became even more confused. Her concerns stopped when she found the minimalist lifestyle. Image: Characters provided.

Changing diet is an important turning point in Huong’s process of finding a healthy and happy lifestyle. In previous years she used to work 12-14 hours a day, regardless of weekends. After a few years, Huong has also accumulated a little money to help her parents build a new house, can buy the things she likes or travel. But inside she still felt deprived and worry still weighed heavily on her shoulders.

“I started to question the meaning of life. What am I born for? Where is true happiness?”, Thu Huong pondered.

When the Covid-19 epidemic happened, Huong had to stay home more. It was in this context that she had time to read more books. She was also inspired by posts on a group about minimalism. “In the end I realized the only way I need is: Live slowly”, Huong shared.

In 2019, Huong decided to leave Hanoi and return to her hometown to work near her parents. From then on, she began to practice a slow and disciplined lifestyle and did the things she liked: getting up early, exercising, cooking, meditating, reading, and walking.

The girl’s first “revolution” was a change in food. Huong used to think that cooking and cleaning was a waste of time. Many days, only instant noodles, or 5,000 VND of sticky rice were finished. Since cooking on her own, she has grown to love cooking and realizes that eating is not a filling but also a way to nurture health and soul.

Thu Huong chooses pure plants in combination with Eatclean – a method that uses simple criteria for processing and limiting spices as the mainstay to retain maximum nutrition. Despite simple eating, she always makes sure that her meals have 4 groups of nutrients: protein, good fats, good carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

In order to help the whole family maintain a mostly plant-based diet, she takes the initiative in the kitchen two mornings – evening. The brown rice dish filled with fragrant beans is her family’s favorite.

Huong's daily meals ensure all 4 groups of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fibers, vitamins & minerals.  Photo: Character provided.

Thu Huong can buy a lot of delicious food and nice clothes, but chooses to eat 10,000 VND meals, because she thinks that if she needs a little, she can find happiness if she only consumes a little. Image: Characters provided.

After a year of fasting, Huong’s body is more serene and healthy. She feels delicious with everything she eats. “Through meals of 10,000 VND, I want to share that eating simple and frugal is not only good for health, but also helps to minimize the needs of life, while saving money to be able to do it. Many other meaningful things, “she shared. Every month, Huong spends an amount of money every month to donate to charities and disadvantaged circumstances.

Green living is also an act that young people like her are pursuing. Thu Huong always carries lunch boxes to work, lanes, boxes when going to the market, minimizing use of plastic bags. Three months ago, she quit her motorbike, switched to cycling to work, and traveled about 16 km in total. The girl also chooses the bike and walks to main move every time the market hits, meeting friends.

Last weekend, Huong walked to visit his girlfriend 5 km away from her home. “For the first time in years, I enjoyed the feeling of being one with heaven. I kept going without expecting to finish,” she tells of the feeling of walking on village roads, fields and daisy fields, green parking platforms.

Thuy Linh, a friend of Huong shared: “If to describe my friend with one word, then to me she is the ‘inspirator’. The way she lives has inspired me to live an all-encompassing life: love sports, reading, a vegetarian diet and minimal material needs. “

Thu Huong can buy a lot of delicious food and nice clothes, but I choose to eat 10,000 meals, because she thinks that if she needs a little, if she only consumes a little, it will be easy to find happiness.  Photo: Character provided.

Thu Huong goes to bed from 9 p.m. and gets up at 4 a.m. every day. During the 3 hours before going to work, she practiced gratitude, read books, learned foreign languages, exercised and cooked breakfast for the whole family. Image: Characters provided.

In the early morning of the weekend, Huong was meditating by the window and peering out into the neighbor’s house. The old house of level 4, the mossy roof in the warm morning sun also became poetic in her eyes.

“I choose to live slowly, because this is the way to help me live a happy and peaceful life. If you do not feel really happy, try to stop for a moment, appreciate and appreciate what you have, you will Seeing life more beautiful, “said the 27-year-old girl.

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