The girl alone drives an ancient car to travel to America

AmericaOwning a 1966 car, Taylor O’Sullivan received so much public attention that she was tired from her jaw from smiling at the people on the road.

As a documentary filmmaker and photographer, O’Sullivan often travels the world, so having a stable home is important. The outbreak of the epidemic prevented O’Sullivan from traveling internationally.

In the fall of 2020, a friend of O’Sullivan sends a picture of a rather rare 1966 Corvair Ultra Van for sale. Only 373 of these vehicles were produced. “Although I am always curious about the van life, I have never seriously considered it,” the 30-year-old girl honestly.

Beautiful car of a young girl traveling to America alone. Image: Business Insider.

However, this classic design immediately caught O’Sullivan’s interest. After just a few days she has owned a 16-square-meter car, with a small bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, desk and two swivel chairs.

“I always joked that I was born in the wrong era. I always felt inside I was someone from the 1960s,” she said.

O’Sullivan named the car Ultra Happy Camper Van. She decorated the side of the car with an eye-catching rainbow and smiley face, making it stand out on the road. O’Sullivan also upholstered the car’s seats for a new one, but tried not to break the original classic interior. “All the original interior, as well as the interior décor of the previous period are still intact. This is a beautiful bus,” she said.

O’Sullivan even learned from the experience of an old car mechanic to fix any problems on the road. Several times the car had problems and the beautiful girl repaired it herself.

OSullivan has learned how to fix every vehicle's problems on the journey.  Photo: Business Insider.

O’Sullivan has learned how to fix every vehicle on the road. Image: Business Insider.

When O’Sullivan bought the car, the previous owner warned that strangers would have lots of questions and comments about the car. O’Sullivan knew people would be curious, but she couldn’t imagine the reality. “I’m tired of my jaw because on the road smiling and waving to everyone, because the car is too attractive,” she said.

Last year O’Sullivan made several trips around California. This year, she plans to drive across the US West Coast.

See more photos of O’Sullivan and the antique car:

Bao Nhien (Business Insider)


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