The gift of the adopted child of the woman who picked up the garbage

ChinaMore than 30 years of doing enough to raise an abandoned child, Mrs. Ho Hanh Tran was rewarded with a villa.

In 1992, a baby girl less than a month old was abandoned in a village in Yuexi county, Anqing city, Anhui province. After many days of not being able to find the person who gave birth to the baby, a villager adopted it but returned it a few days later because he couldn’t stand the baby’s cry. After that, a man surnamed Truong brought him home, but after only a week, he gave it away. After about a dozen times, the villagers no longer wanted to raise the girl.

At this time, the villagers asked Mrs. Ho Hanh Tran, a barren woman, if she wanted to raise a baby girl. Before that, her family had adopted another baby girl, but the baby died from a serious illness. Seeing the sick, thin little girl lying in the torn lane, the woman, moved with compassion, decided to take it home. Knowing that her family’s situation was difficult, many people in the village encouraged her: “Without rice, just come to us”.

Mrs. Ho Hanh Tran and her adopted daughter Vuong Dong Hong, March 2022. Photo:

The girl was newly adopted parents named Vuong Dong Hong. In order to have money to raise children, besides farming, Ho Hanh Tran and his wife had to go out to do all kinds of jobs. The wife collects trash, plows and plows while her husband works as a builder. Life is hard but happy because there are always voices and laughter of children in the house. But when Dong Hong turned 4 years old, his adoptive father was at work when he fell from the scaffolding. Saved his life, but this man was completely paralyzed. The family burden then fell on the shoulders of Mrs. Hanh Tran, who was almost 50 years old.

More than a year later, the husband passed away. Disoriented, Ms. Hanh Tran once contemplated suicide. “But I thought of loving my child, he was too young, it would be very miserable if there was no one left,” she recalled. Someone also advised to sell the child to another family, but she also firmly refused, fearing that Dong Hong would not be treated well.

To raise her daughter, Ho Hanh Tran does everything from picking up trash, selling vegetables to working as a hired hand. Once when she went to pick up trash, she was given food to eat, she also saved it for her children, saving little by little so that Dong Hong could go to school.

Knowing that her mother worked hard, Dong Hong studied very hard, often at the top of her class. When she was in middle school, this girl went to school and worked part-time at a restaurant in town, earning extra money to support her mother. But when she reached high school, Ms. Hanh Tran did not have enough money to send her daughter to continue her studies.

That year, when you started school, Dong Hong was still busy working part-time. Once, the headmistress passing by saw it, so she stopped to ask about it. Knowing the situation, this teacher asked for the help of charities in the city. Thanks to the money donated, she continued to go to school and passed the university entrance exam three years later.

During her college years, Ho Hanh Tran, despite being old, still picked up trash and helped with housework to make more money for her children’s education. After her daughter graduated, her adoptive mother was over 60 years old, and after many years of hard work, her health also deteriorated seriously.

“I just want you to get married, close your eyes and rest assured,” Hanh Tran told her adopted son. This woman shared that she did not know how long she had to live, so she had to see her daughter with someone to take care of her.

Mrs. Ho Hanh Tran next to the unfinished villa, March 2022.  Photo:

Mrs. Ho Hanh Tran next to the unfinished villa, March 2022. Photo:

Dong Hong lived up to the expectations of her adoptive mother, she studied well, got married and had a child. After that, she took her mother to the city to live with her. However, the mother was not used to the crowded life in the city, so she decided to return to her hometown. But because the house in the countryside was too old, Dong Hong did not feel secure to let her adoptive mother return.

In the end, her daughter decided to buy a piece of land and build her mother a two-story villa, just like her dream when she was young. Immediately, Dong Hong’s actions received a lot of praise not only from villagers, but also from strangers.

However, this girl thinks that it is the right thing to do. “My mother has worked hard all her life to raise me, realizing her dream is the right thing to do.” All of Dong Hong’s savings were spent buying land and building a house for his mother. She even borrowed more, so that her mother could have a spacious house as she wanted.

“It has nothing to do with her efforts. Although not by blood, but to me, she is the greatest mother,” she said.

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