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The organizers of the program ‘Dream bathroom’ renovate a free bathroom for readers Phan Cam Tu (Hanoi).

In the fourth episode of ‘The Bathroom of Dreams’, INAX will renovate the bathroom for 3 generations of families to live together. Previously, Ms. Phan Cam Tu submitted a registration article about the program and wanted to own a third living space suitable for both the elderly and children.

According to the article sent to the electronic newspaper VnExpressWhen building a house, she only focuses on basic functions, so when using it, she does not feel comfortable and convenient. Through the program, she wishes to own “a bathroom that helps the family feel positive energy, comfortable and can shake off daily worries”.

Separate bathroom and toilet area. Image: Dinh Tung

Ms. Cam Tu also expressed her wish to turn this common living space into a ‘dream bathroom’, a meaningful gift for her parents, now nearly 80 years old. Although parents think the bathroom is an extra space, it is not important, but Ms. Tu hopes that they have a better and more modern experience.

With the free renovation from INAX brand of bathroom equipment, Ms. Cam Tu will receive consultancy and design from the program’s experts, completely replace equipment such as toilets, sinks, shower. sen … smart, with touch function, thermostat, anti-slip to ensure safety for the elderly and children.

In addition, Ms. Cam Tu also proposed the architect to design a new Japanese bathroom in a minimalist style to bring more open and spacious space but still ensure fully integrated use for the member of family.

In the previous broadcast, the organizers and construction team have renovated a non-slip bathroom for Ms. Nguyen Thi Un, 78 years old in Hai Phong.

The 78-year-old grandmother's 'dream bathroom'

‘Dream bathroom’ for the wife of a martyr – Nguyen Thi Un.

Dream bathroom towards the purpose of improving the quality of life, equipping the family with knowledge to renovate “third space”. Program by electronic newspaper VnExpress accompanying INAX – bathroom equipment brand of LIXIL Japan co-organized.

Through the online sharing post, the organizers awarded 6 renovations with a total value of up to 100 million VND including the cost of construction, disassembly, design, equipment … to readers with stories. practical, meaningful.

Currently, the program has broadcast 3 episodes and stopped accepting subscriptions. Readers follow the program here.

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