The former American wrestler hit a terrible punch, the opponent lay still and suffered the battle

Sunday, 11/15/2020 16:17 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, martial arts news) With the power of the former American wrestler, boxer Aaron Pico has launched super powerful punches to defeat opponents at the Bellator MMA martial arts event.

A very strong punch to help Pico beat John de Jesus:

Before joining Bellator MMA, the world’s leading martial arts ring, Aaron Pico was a renowned freelance wrestler in the United States. Switching to playing in the MMA featherweight, the 24-year-old boxer had 6 victories after 9 times. In particular, with his fiery fighting style and super powerful punches, Pico’s matches often end quite early.

John de Jesus fell back after Pico’s powerful punch

At the Bellator 252 event that took place on the morning of November 13, Pico once again showed his terrible punching force when he defeated the experienced man John de Jesus in the second half.

Aaron Pico was even close to ending the match in the first half. With superior wrestling technique, Pico pressed John de Jesus to the floor to attack, causing the opponent’s face area to suffer more damage. However, the former champion does not have to wait too long for victory.

The former American wrestler hit a terrible punch, the opponent lay still and suffered - 2

Pico possesses very strong punches

In the second half, Pico made the opponent lose a lot of strength to defend against his attacks. When the match was about 1 minute, the 24-year-old boxer launched a powerful punch like “hammering” in the face of John de Jesus, causing the opponent to “fall like a banana” on the floor. Just waiting for that, Pico immediately rushed to add more than 10 punches before the referee intervened.

Certainly the next opponents will have quite a headache in neutralizing the powerful punches of former wrestler Aaron Pico’s house.

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