The first teachers of Hope School

DanangAlthough the teachers have not been in class for a day, they take care of meals and sleep for more than 200 orphans because of Covid-19 at Hope School day and night.

The first class of students returned to Hope School after the Lunar New Year, but a few months before that, the project’s teachers had traveled all over the North – Central – South, spending hours persuading the children’s relatives for their children. Go to Da Nang to study.

On the day the children return to school, the teachers take care of where to eat and where to sleep. The boarding area is arranged into platoons and platoons, with separate men and women on each floor, three to four children of different ages living in one room to be able to support each other. Every night, there are teachers on duty on each floor to remind the children to sleep on time, not to disturb other students…

Ms. Thao tutors English for a student of Hope School. Image: Nguyen Dong

As head of the project’s administrative department since the early days, Ms. Vu Thi Bich Thao, 50, said that the work at Hy Vong School is not only about checking emails and doing paperwork, but also logistics. feeding, dressing, sleeping, even bathing for the children and even “sitting and talking about all kinds of things” for the children to gradually forget their sad past.

Thao’s day begins by getting up at 5 am, going to the market to buy food for her husband and children all day because she doesn’t come back late at night, and then riding a motorbike for more than ten kilometers from Hai Chau district to the boarding area of ​​the school in the district. Marble. Her first destination is to enter the cafeteria, check the imported food, the menu for the children.

Some children lost their books at school, others lost their personal belongings, others felt that “the rice was a bit bad” all asked Ms. Thao for help. Many 6-year-old children crave the feeling of being bathed by their mother like before, so often they have to play the role of a mother, comforting each time a younger child cries because they miss their father and mother.

In the afternoon, Ms. Thao waited for the children to come home from school and “the happiest moment is to hold the children in their arms, listen to them talk about how they got high marks today, and met a new friend”.

After graduating from the University of Foreign Languages, Ms. Thao volunteered to teach English lessons to weak students after school.

Young students competed to pull out their hair deeply for teacher Hoang Quoc Quyen, Project Manager of the Hope School.  Photo: Nguyen Dong

Young students competed to pull out their hair deeply for teacher Hoang Quoc Quyen, Project Manager of the Hope School. Image: Nguyen Dong

Switching from a software company to an administrative position where children are raised, Ms. Thao confided, had envisioned the work in advance when talking with project director Hoang Quoc Quyen School of Hope. But the first week of contact with the children, she was worried, not knowing if the children would make it through.

“The children come to school from different backgrounds. Some children are addicted to games, others, even though they are adults, still don’t know how to button their shirts because they were done by their parents in the past, while other children complain of sleepiness every time they go to school, I have low self-esteem in school and timidly do not want to go to class, but I am glad that after a while, all of them have improved”, Ms. Thao said.

Out of 20 teachers in both administration and management, only four are married. Ms. Thao said that she is more experienced than her colleagues in raising children, so she should find the best meal suppliers; Every time a charity group comes, she shares to have the most necessary items for the children.

The first teachers of Hope School

Teacher Lu Thi Thuy Linh organizes fun for students of Hope School. Video: Nguyen Dong

Coming to Hope School for nearly 3 months, young teacher Lu Thi Thuy Linh, 24 years old, has become a sister and close friend to children in the role of manager of a girls platoon from grade 1 to grade 4. “The first time they didn’t know me, didn’t understand and weren’t familiar. But we kept opening our hearts to each other. She loved you and gradually became closer,” Linh said.

Linh is from Quy Hop district, Nghe An province. The Thai girl used to have 7 years of boarding school, away from home since 6th grade to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher like her mother and escape the situation of a daughter in her twenties with two or three children. Graduating from Vinh University in Kindergarten, Linh read the news about Hy Vong School and submitted an application.

She came to school on the occasion of the second batch of students entering the school in early August and the Mid-Autumn Festival. “I feel like my children are at home, so I want to work,” Linh said. The decision to quit teaching at a kindergarten in Vinh City to move to a city more than 600 kilometers away from home is the first time Linh has lived away from home.

In the morning, Linh and the teachers in charge of the boarding area got up early to wake up the students at 5:30 am. The children then gather in the yard to exercise by warming up and running two to five laps around their neighborhood, going to the garden to water the vegetables, going to the bathroom, and having breakfast. At 6:20 a.m., the platoons gathered again for the teachers to take attendance before going to school at the FPT School system.

Taking advantage of the time when students come to school, the teachers go to check each room, clean, turn off the lights if the children forget. At 16:30 when the children come home from school, the teachers keep track of which group goes to make vegetables, then divide the schedule to go to the garden; manage other groups playing sports, folk games, learning martial arts or reading books. Linh often sings and dances with the children. At 18:00 students take a bath and half an hour after having dinner.

The joy of the boarding teachers at Hope School is that the children who come home from school rush into their hearts to feel the love.  Photo: Nguyen Dong

The joy of the boarding teachers at Hope School is that the children who come home from school rush into their hearts to feel the love. Image: Nguyen Dong

When the children went to their rooms, the homeroom teacher assigned each other tutoring because many children had gaps in their knowledge after a long time of studying online and experiencing family events.

“Children learn to write, read, do math or call Ms. Linh,” Linh said, adding that evenings are the busiest time for teachers when they both work as tutors and keep the house in order. Each floor has a room for the teachers on duty to sleep. The teacher sleeps in the men’s quarters, she sleeps in the women’s quarters.

Every week, teachers will have one day off. Linh shared, although the work is more difficult than teaching preschool, she feels that she is gradually becoming more mature when taking care of children who have suffered great losses after the Covid-19 pandemic. “Sometimes when I’m empty because I miss my parents, I sympathize with my students more,” Linh said.

Mr. Thanh, in blue shirt, instructs the boys about school rules.  Photo: Nguyen Dong

Mr. Thanh (2nd from the right) instructs the boys on the school’s rules. Image: Nguyen Dong

Before coming to Hope School 8 months ago, Mr. Than Thien Thanh, 25 years old, was an active duty soldier in the 375th Air Defense Division, stationed at Da Nang International Airport. Thanks to being used to the collective lifestyle in the army, Thanh was not shocked when he was in charge of male boarding students. The skills of folding blankets and exercises, eating and sleeping on time in the army were applied by Thanh to his students.

“Life here is different from that in the army, because the soldiers are all young people over 18 years old, and the students of Hope School are of different ages, it’s easy to apply discipline, but you have to have appropriate behavior to They are gradually growing up,” Thanh said.

The children have 90 minutes to use the phone on the weekend, but the teacher is flexible, if the child completes the exercises in the morning well, they will get an extra hour.

“Working here is very fun, just like my initial desire is to share life with less fortunate children. I want to create positive energy so that they can live and love each other,” Thanh said.

The teacher has a cold appearance but is always an address for male students to confide stories about life when relatives have placed their trust and sent them to school.

Principal of Hope School Le Thi Chau said that although teachers come to the school with many different tasks, from administrative to enrollment, boarding housekeepers, they do not hold chalk, hold pens and stand on the podium, but they are the best teachers in the world. true teachers when taking care of, taking care of accommodation and activities; Plan and program extra-curricular experiences for students to improve their skills and become more stable.

“Teaching children to be human is really important. The children at Hope School need not only words, but also love and family warmth. The teachers here are patient and make efforts every day to accompany them. in the role of grandmothers, parents, brothers and sisters and even friends to share and compensate for the children,” said Ms. Chau.

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Nguyen Dong

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