The female upstream billiards player holds 2 billion dong of prize money

Saturday, March 6, 2021 19:05 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, billiard news) Female player Kim Se Yeon had an extremely respectable comeback against Kim Ga Young to become the LPBA World Championship champion and received a huge bonus.

Video of the upstream screen in game 6 took 2 billion VND, which was extremely respectable by Kim Se Yeon:

On the afternoon of March 6, the LPBA World Championship women’s three-band carom tournament with a championship worth 100 million won (VND 2 billion) entered the final match between two players Kim Ga Young and Kim Se Yeon. The match took place in a 7-game, 4-win format, with each game up to 11 points.

Kim Se Yeon won the LPBA World Championship and received VND 2 billion in prize money

Being underestimated in terms of both technique and experience in front of a famous sister, Kim Se Yeon soon surprised him by joining in very well to win the first game 11-7. However, in the next 2 games, Kim Ga Young played excellently to win 11-8 and 11-3 respectively, leading to a reverse 2-1.

The climax of the match came in game 4 when two female players chasing each other fiercely. Despite being constantly in the lead, Kim Se Yeon made an effort to equalize the 10-10 gap, then made good use of the opportunity when the opponent missed the decisive score to win 11-10 and brought the game back. starting line. With the excitement, Se Yeon won game 5 with the score 11-4.

The female upstream billiards player

Sorry for the beautiful female player Kim Ga Young when she can not win the championship, although she is appreciated

Se Yeon’s top talent was shown in game 6. Playing as if she had nothing to lose, Kim Ga Young quickly led to 9-1. Thought it would be an easy win for Ma Minh Cam’s female teammate, suddenly it happened. In just 2 turns of muscle, Kim Se Yeon scored 10 points, including a 7-point hit to go upstream to win an unbelievable 11-9, thereby winning 4-2 in the end to win the championship.

Kim Se Yeon’s emotional and extremely impressive upstream performance has received admiration from all other players. The prize of 2 billion VND is completely worth her. Meanwhile, as the runner-up, Kim Ga Young received 20 million won (408 million dong) in prize money.

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