The female star of the compatriot Messi shows off the breast, causing storms in the online community

Friday, March 5, 2021 16:25 PM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news) Female athlete Antonella Gonzalez unexpectedly became so hot after she exposed her under-1-year-old baby while playing with the home team in the Argentinian basketball championship.

Female basketball player Antonella Gonzalez shares the moment when Tomas de Rocamora played against Velez Sarsfield:

On March 1, in the women’s basketball match between the two clubs Tomas de Rocamora and Velez Sarsfield in the Argentina national championship, female athlete Antonella Gonzalez of home team Tomas de Rocamora caused fever in the online community by moment show spiritual motherhood.

Antonella Gonzalez breastfeeding amid a break from Tomas de Rocamora and Velez Sarsfield’s basketball match

In the middle of that match, when the two teams were taking a break, fellow star Lionel Messi unexpectedly pulled his shirt to breastfeed his 11-month-old daughter, Madeleine. This moment made the name of Antonella Gonzalez famous on social networking sites.

The official account of the Argentina Basketball Federation (CABB) on March 2 shared pictures of the scene above and a line of feelings on Twitter about the female player.

The tweet reads: “The image combines two passions: Playing basketball and being a mother. Antonella Gonzalez scored 8 points, got 2 rebounds and 1 assist after 25 minutes. She helped the home team defeat Velez Sarsfield and on a break, she fed Mady (Madeleine’s intimate name).

The female star of the compatriot Messi shows the breast

The female star of the compatriot Messi makes the breast-feeding shirt

Madeleine sat in the stands cheering for her mother

Meanwhile, expressing feelings in the El Pais newspaper after a photo of himself breastfed his daughter in the last match went viral online, Antonella confessed: “I do not understand about this uproar. Suddenly I saw that picture went viral on Twitter with thousands of comments, it was even published on a number of foreign newspapers ”.

“But honestly I don’t understand what’s so strange about this and why we should be surprised at something so ordinary.

I find it surprising that some people still expressed surprise (when a female athlete breast-feeding during the break of a match). Because performing your duties as a mother doesn’t prevent you from performing an athlete’s job.

The female star of the compatriot Messi makes the breast-feeding shirt

Antonella Gonzalez confidently does well both as a mother and plays professional basketball

The joy multiplied with Antonella Gonzalez as her Tomas de Rocamora team won 61-44 over Velez Sarsfield after 5 innings.

“It is essential to always have my family as well as the club to accompany me. I am lucky that there are always people with Madi. When I play football at this club, there is always my baby by my side. Pillar teammates are the foundation for me to be able to handle both tasks as best I can, ”said Antonella.

She continued, “In the beginning, it was difficult for me to find myself. During pregnancy, our body changed a lot, not only externally but also internally. I think it took a lot of coordination with both my arms and legs to catch the ball. It is worth noting that there is nothing as precious as a few irregular training sessions that help me regain my feeling of competition.

Antonella Gonzalez said her mother was also a former female basketball player. During the competition, she also frequently fed her children when Antonella’s sisters were young when they brought these “little angels” to the field to accompany her in many matches.

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