The female athlete received a record Covid-19 fine of billions of dong for hiding her boyfriend

Friday, September 17, 2021 13:17 PM (GMT+7)

(Sports news) An Australian female athlete faces a record fine for the act of “crossing the fence” during Covid-19.

Sources from the Australian press said that equestrian Jamie Kah faced a very heavy fine after she broke Covid-19 regulations in the country to attend a party. The amount of the fine is said to be a “world record”, a fine that no one has faced since the outbreak of the pandemic.

Horsewoman Jamie Kah faces a record fine for the act of “crossing the fence” during the Covid-19 era

Kah is a star in the world of horse racing when she is at the top of the rankings of female riders. Currently living in Melbourne, Kah has competed since 2012 and has won championships in many places such as the Adelaide City Championship, Australian Cup and Australian National Championship.

Newspapers said Kah was at a late-night party in mid-July at a luxury villa outside the 5-mile travel range that the city government regulates for its citizens. The mansion was a rental property that could be spent the night for $400, and when the party was discovered authorities found the scene littered with unfinished bottles of wine.

Kah was arrested by the police and she not only faces fines for going outside of the prescribed range, past curfew, but also allegations that she concealed the identities of others present. at the party. The Melbourne Court banned Kah from playing for 3 months in July, even planning to extend this sentence by 2 months for obstructing the investigation process.

It is known that Kah, in the process of being taken by the police, lied to the names of those present at the scene and was quickly debunked by the investigating detectives. Among those present was her fiancé, a racing coach named Clayton Douglas, who is believed to have left the scene before police arrived. The incident is therefore becoming a big deal and the fine for Jamie Kah can be up to 730,000 USD (more than 16 billion VND).

The female athlete was hit with a record Covid-19 fine of billions of dong for hiding her boyfriend - 3

Kah and her fiancé Clayton Douglas, who is said to have been at the party

Lawyers are trying to untie Kah, if not reduce the sentence, at least help her reduce the fine. They claim that with the time Kah was banned from competing, she missed a lot of important races and that also lost about 1 million USD in prize money if she won at least 2 tournaments. “The price is such that Kah has paid enough, I hope the court will not punish her more severely,” a lawyer said.

As for Kah, she apologized to the public through the press and social networks. She said she will take responsibility for her actions but hopes the ban will not be extended, so that she can compete in the Melbourne Cup next November.


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