The feature to hide profile photo and status from a single contact is coming soon on WhatsApp

WhatsApp New Features: WhatsApp is rolling out a new update for the desktop client through the official beta channel. The update is said to bring the version up to 2.2149.1. whatsapp (WhatsApp) For privacy settings in upcoming updates “Except My Contacts” Developing a feature to choose from.

According to reports, after introducing some new features to protect the privacy of users, WhatsApp is now developing the possibility to set “My Contacts Accept…” for your privacy settings. According to the information, the option of ‘My Contact Accept…’ will be available for Last Seen, About, Profile Photo. When you select “Accept My Contacts…” you can choose who cannot see your information on WhatsApp.

According to reports, this feature will be released on WhatsApp Web/Desktop when WhatsApp has fully rolled out the feature on Android Beta and iOS Beta. Beta testers cannot see and select “Accept My Contacts…” on WhatsApp Web/Desktop, even if the “Accept My Contacts…” feature is already activated for their WhatsApp account.

Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on building a community for future updates. The new update will be rolled out through the Google Play beta program, bringing the version up to 2.22.1. According to reports, WhatsApp for Android is working on building a community for future updates.

According to the information, a name and an optional description will have to be entered before adding groups to the community. Also, the release date of the feature’s arrival in beta testers has not been revealed yet.


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