The father Hanoi trains the ‘evil bird’ to become a pet

HanoiWhistling !, the whistle sounded, a fiery kite appeared in the sky and swooped down on its owner. His eyes were on the food bag, waiting to be rewarded.

Mr. Do Ngoc Kien picked up the meat of the pomegranate quail, the fire kite quickly opened his beak neatly. Caressing the bird for a while, the man jerked his hand back to the bird and blew the whistle to call for food.

Fire kite training sessions by Mr. Kien and his friend have become familiar to those around the Hoa Binh Park area. In particular, the children in the park are very eager to see the birds perform and enjoy their courage.

Season 1 fire kite weighs nearly 0.5 kg with brown black fur, when mature, its head and belly are white, brown wings. Almost every afternoon, Mr. Kien took the bird to the training park. Image: Pham Nga.

When the fire kite ate 400 grams of quail meat, it was time for Mr. Kien to stop the training session. “Every day, to consider the amount of food for him to make sure not to be too hungry, but not too full. If you have an appetite, let it go back to me, but if it is full, it will go away”, the education teacher explained. On average, the amount of food of fire kites is equivalent to 10% of body weight, so about a week, the farmer must weigh the bird to calculate the appropriate amount of food.

Fire kites are birds of prey, specializing in carnivores, so they are easy to adapt to a variety of weather, and less likely to get sick. However, because this bird is wild, the domestication process is very elaborate. Before Elephant (the name of the fire kite) obeyed his master as now, almost every day, Mr. Kien had to bring it to the training park.

Three months ago Elephant was still a timid baby bird. In a crowded place, the claws always hold onto the bench. Before taking off the eyepatch – to help stabilize the kite’s spirit and reduce aggression, Mr. Kien had to spend a few minutes stroking and embracing. The first stage of training, the more human braiding, the more the bird will wrap the tangerine, obey.

“Initially it was like my friend’s fire kite now,” said Mr. Kien, pointing at the pet of his friend who was going through the early stages of training.

Mr. Kien and his friend are two of 10 members of a bird-of-prey training club in the capital. “Currently Hanoi has about 4 clubs. The whole North has about 20 clubs, with more than 400 members since this hobby blossomed in early 2016,” he said.

More than three years ago, by chance seeing someone raise and train fire kites, Kien practiced playing. Due to being busy both in teaching and in business, he chose to raise the line of gliders, instead of choosing the hunting line.

At the beginning, a week, the inexperienced boss lost two children, each bought more than 3 million dong. Losing money in the blink of an eye, but then, he picked up another fire kite to raise, named Cow. He accepted as “father” of it, because since the bird was only two days old, just as small as a chicken.

Mr. Kien joined groups and associations, read more to gain experience in raising cows. 8-year-old Do Bao Vu, an 8-year-old boy, also quit playing video games.

The cow, a fire kite in season two, is considered by Kien's family as a member.  Photo: Character provided.

The cow, a fire kite in season two, is considered by Kien’s family as a member. Image: Characters provided.

A cow is a bird of personality. At home, although the owner bathes and feeds, he rarely gets close. Just touching, he was ruffled again, trying to operate. But go out, fly freely, it swings the master, more obedient. After more than a month of training, without a whistle, just call the name of the fire kite that can fly. “I don’t even call, but playing boring, he knows about the area he is familiar with”, Mr. Kien said.

Last October, he signed up for his son to bring Cows to the Northern Bird of Prey Training Competition. The bird has grown up, typical for the beauty as the “beauty” of this bird. It flies high, throws beautifully. From head to belly is white, prominent between the wings and the red back. Baby Vu is the youngest of more than 50 participants, but he is very confident in performing because he knows that Cow is very familiar. Vũ shook his hand, the bird spread its wings soaring and fluttering. After a minute of conquering the sky, hearing the whistle, it immediately landed in the hands of the tiny master. The small master threw the bait into the air, the bird flew up neatly, helping the boy get more plus points. That day, Kien’s son won the first prize. Awarded a locator, the boy’s father and daughter installed it for precious birds.

Considering Cows as a member of the family, Kien’s family outings also bring it. But during the trip to Tram Tau, Yen Bai in May 2020, his father and son let Ox fly, but in the afternoon he did not see it.

Mr. Kien climbed around the hills near where the birds blew the whistle, calling his name still could not see. “It was very gentle and brave so it was easy to get caught. Although I was worried, I still hope that my intelligent bird can find it back,” Kien recalled feeling restless at that time.

In high altitude there is no signal, the locator you set on the bird is ineffective. At night, his father and son Kien was restless and restless, waiting anxiously for the sound of birds to return. The next morning, the Hanoi man asked an acquaintance to pass his motorbike into each house in the questionnaire, but the results still did not see Cows.

For two and a half days of hopeless waiting, Mr. Kien’s family followed the group to Hanoi. A day later, he received a call announcing the bird was dead. A resident confirmed that the day he released the Cow, they shot a bird with a locator and the color of feathers as described.

“As a man I keep myself from crying in front of my wife and children, but it feels like a close friend has just passed away,” Kien said. Little Vu’s face is always blank, his mouth reminds the bird’s name. It took both father and son a whole month to be less depressed because of the lack of cows.

The fire hawk has just been raised for more than a year by Mr. Kien.  Birds love to cuddle, caress, and are friendly with people through training.  Photo: Pham Nga.

The fire kite has been raised for more than a year by Mr. Kien. Birds love to cuddle, caress, and are friendly with people through training. Image: Pham Nga.

Losing Bo, Mr. Kien bought two more fire kites to go back to the park to train in the afternoon. “In Hanoi there are many people playing birds of prey, but Mr. Kien is the person I am most passionate and passionate about. Going to bird training with my brother has also learned many things”, Mr. Nguyen Duc Tung, 36 years old, commented a friend who is also a member of the bird-of-prey club in Hanoi.

Half a month ago, Mr. Kien’s father and son took Elephant to the sixth North Bird of Prey Contest. This time, the bird of season one only returned to Second, but added fire to keep its owner persistent with passion.

At the end of the day, people flocked to the park to watch the aggressive birds sitting in their hearts. “The feeling of taming an inherently wild animal is obedient and intimate, wrapped in tangerine very well,” he said and joked with a few young men. .

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