The fate of the Horse in the year of Tan Suu 2021

Horse Age ranked seventh in the order of 12 zodiac animals. The birth years of the Horse are 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014.

The Horse has a great sense of humor. They are very good at making laughter with their natural charm and self-mockery skill. It is this personality that makes Ngoc’s age become good friends.

Horses belong to the element of fire and their energies are yang, so some of their traits are typical of horses. The hallmark of this youngster is independent and progressive, which makes the Horse can become intolerant and aggressive when they are controlled and lose their privileges.

The Horse is fast and efficient. However, their agility sometimes turns into delicacy, hindering work performance, stemming from the fact that they did not investigate enough before performing their duties. In addition, this person believes that he is self-made who will never seek advice from anyone. In relationships, they are loyal and enthusiastic partners.

Tan Suu can be a good year for the Horse to grow their finances, expand their businesses, and at the same time be a year of inner regeneration by understanding the impact of roots and childhood on their lives. .

During this New Year, relationships including marriage, business partnerships … are finally stable and more constructive, after a long time seems unstable.

About finance and career

People born in the Year of the Horse will have a successful and successful New Year. Don’t let the opportunity pass by, work hard endlessly, rewards will appear. The forecast shows that the Horse’s career in the middle to the end of the year will be average. You will be overwhelmed with a lot of work, even feeling stressed at times.

The best solution is to delegate, share responsibilities and work in teams. Hugging can make you overlook small details at work, which can lead to mistakes. For people in marketing and journalism, you will have a better year because you can convince customers with your communication skills. However, you will have to choose your words wisely in order to convince the crowd.

In case you are looking for new job opportunities, wait as this year is not favorable for switching jobs.

At work, you will enjoy many benefits. This is also the year that you travel a lot. When it comes to investing, spending, it is important to think carefully before acting.

In the year of the New Ox, the Horse yearns for freedom, independence, and unattended. Horses are by nature unable to withstand any binding work. More than anyone else, they like jobs that allow them to interact with people.

Horse people like to excel, so they often make quick decisions. Careers that involve patience and detailed work are not intended for them. Only when they are constantly in motion do they feel their worth. Because of these characteristics, during the year of the Tan Suu, the Horse always knows where he must direct his efforts and how to achieve maximum work efficiency. In the event that something goes wrong and that “proves” that they can’t handle everything on their own, you can be sure that this is only a temporary problem. In a short time, they will solve the “problems” effectively, proving that they deserve the assigned position.

Financially, your return on your previous investment should be very good, however, saving can be difficult for you, due to the actual costs. Avoid any form of speculative trading, as you can suffer catastrophic losses. Using money in an investment in a deliberate way, so the Horse sometimes tends to be too pragmatic and stingy with money, to the point of never taking a risk.

About love life

This Year of the Horse can appear superficial in relationships, as this is not their main priority. Single people should not indulge in work plans, as they may miss out on opportunities to find a romantic partner. At the end of the year, people born in the year of the Horse fall in love easily. However, an unsuccessful relationship can cause them deep sadness. Therefore, Horse-aged people should be very cautious when starting a new relationship. The most important lesson for them of the year is that money cannot buy true love.

For married people, to avoid getting married life becoming tiring, it is necessary to pay more attention to your partner.

This year, people born in the year of the Horse can cooperate and build good relationships with the year of Tiger and Mui, but should avoid Ty, so that there is no conflict and confrontation. In a family of Horse and Tiger, they can work together to raise their children, making it a wonderful parent. Meanwhile, Horse and Body can work together to make important plans and implement them, as long as they control their short-tempered temper.

About health

Loving sports and having a non-restrictive lifestyle, Horse people never gain too much weight, always stay strong until their old age. They live long, their passion for life is never diminished. It is forecasted that their health will be very good in the first half of the year. After that, some minor oral problems can affect their mood and mood.

The end of the year will make the Horse more susceptible to some health problems, especially lung disease. In addition, the risk of an accident increases. To combat these misfortunes, the Horse should donate blood, wear feng shui objects to protect against illness and accident.

Tip for the Horse in the year of Tan Suu

Favorable directions: south, north

Lucky colors: purple, yellow

Lucky numbers: 3, 6

Favorable months: Lunar months such as March, June, and December

Unfavorable months: July and October

Feng shui good luck: You can wear the symbol of Buddha Quan Yin to help eliminate obstacles in life. You can also wear a 9-eyed onyx stone necklace, which acts as a protective object, facilitating the exorcism, helping the wearer to accumulate wealth, prosperity, attract success, and prosperity.

Advice for the Horse in 12 months of Tan Suu year

January: The Horse’s budget is much better than last year. If you are spending in moderation and not in excess, you have no reason to worry.

February: Relationships are the highlight throughout the month. Happy encounters with family, relatives, bring you a good mood. You can also think about pregnancy, childbirth …

March: You are successful in engaging in hobbies or activities that involve children, whether your own or that of others. In terms of work, this month marks the end of a period. As a result, a relationship with your supervisor may be disrupted, or you break up with a job you used to stay at. Your image also changes.

April: Career relationships are well supported, especially those with superiors. However, the period from April 7 to April 13 can signal problems in relationships with colleagues and superiors. Your boss may ask you to fulfill any duties that were dropped in the past or they can discuss working conditions.

May: Lately, you have been having a headache about all kinds of documents or people that you do not fit. Even if things seem very messy, know that in a while things will settle down and be settled. Soon, you will be relieved of all tension.

June: If the last few months gave you the impression that you couldn’t solve all the problems you were facing, you can finally relax now. A seemingly hopeless situation will suddenly be resolved, thereby providing you with relief. It is a time for new beginnings and new challenges. Get ready for a change!

July: For you, the keyword for July is love. You are more likely to formalize your relationship, or meet someone who will bring you to marriage. Whatever it is, all you have to do is enjoy these surprises.

August: It is increasingly difficult for you to accept that people around you do not fully agree with you. Every day, you struggle to convince them of the validity of your opinions, and you don’t see that this is not your goal. However, it is also important to learn to accept others as they are, or to choose to be closer to some of them.

September: Although at the end of the summer you did have some health problems, fall, it all gets better. Job changes are not ruled out, but you have nothing to fear. The new team will greet you with open arms, so stay calm, everything will be great.

October: In the first few days of the month, you will have a lot to do. However, be more attentive to what your partner wants, as you have been too busy lately to take care of him or her.

November: Don’t waste it too much as an incident will most likely cost you, so it’s better to have some savings.

December: You will have a trip somewhere, but for reasons not entirely up to you so things must be postponed. At this point, you need to find a solution to get rid of the boredom. A friend gives you some ideas about places worth visiting.

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